Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield

Author:Sophie Littlefield
Release Date: February 22, 2011
Publisher: Luna
ISBN:   0373803362
ISBN13: 9780373803361
Genre: Dystopian
Review Copy Source:

The world’s gone.
Worse, so is her daughter.

Awakening in a bleak landscape as scarred as her body, Cass Dollar vaguely recalls surviving something terrible. Having no idea how many days—or weeks—have passed, she slowly realizes the horrifying truth: Ruthie has vanished.

And with her, nearly all of civilization. Where once-lush hills carried cars and commerce, the roads today see only cannibalistic Beaters—people turned hungry for human flesh by a government experiment gone wrong.

In a broken, barren California, Cass will undergo a harrowing quest to get her Ruthie back. Few people trust an outsider, let alone a woman who became a zombie and somehow turned back, but she finds help from an enigmatic outlaw, Smoke. Smoke is her savior, and her safety. For the Beaters are out there. And the humans grip at survival with their trigger fingers. Especially when they learn that she and Ruthie have become the most feared, and desired, of weapons in a brave new world...

 What a fabulous book set in an apocalyptic world.  From the beginning AFTERTIME had me glued to the pages. Cass has a troubled past and was trying to make herself better to get her daughter back in her custody when the world went to hell. She wakes up in the middle of nowhere, in pain and scarred having lost a bunch of time and not knowing what happened to her daughter. She doesn't trust anyone or let anyone in and prefers to be on her own. Smoke is a mysterious man that offers to help Cass find her daughter for his own reasons. This book seriously rocked. I have not read many Zombie books but if they are anything like AFTERTIME I think I will have to start reading them more. Emotional, shocking, high-stakes, zombie filled awesomeness is in your future if you pick up this book!! And YAY its the first in a series.

 I gave it 5/5 stars