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Guest Post & Giveaway: Jacqueline Paige

UFI welcomes Jacqueline Paige Author of Twice Cursed. Thanks for Joining us!!

Thanks for having me here!!

Someone asked me this question not long ago and it took quite a bit of thought before I realized I had done just that.

How many times can you go back to the dream of doing what you’ve always wanted to?

My answer: as many times as it takes.

When I think back as far as I can remember (we’ll say roughly 9 years old) I was always reading. I was in grade four and flying through everything on the class library shelf, with the encouragement of my teacher I moved on to grade five level reading – and then six. My family moved a lot with my father’s job, so books became my best friends. With a book I could step into a different world and either race through it or take my time and expand on scenes. For years this gave me the label of a dreamer, as my head was always off in some world that I had found on pages.

By the time I was eleven I was writing my own worlds – and believe me when I say I wished I could get back that young mind and work with that mindset now. This was when I decided I wanted to be a writer. I didn’t fit the bookworm stereo-type either, which confused people even more. I was a hard working farm girl, on every sports team I was allowed be on (why can’t girls be on the football team?) and on track day I would always bring home a handful of first place ribbons – what did I do on the bus ride home? Read.

My constant writing and reading drove my family insane. Many times I had to be hunted down, only to be found curled up somewhere out of sight reading. My writing by my late teens mostly ran in the poetry flavour – which to read now was horrifically depressing, even though at the time I thought it was brilliant. (I now understand the mind set as I have teen daughters, life is so dramatic!)

Life got busy in the grown-up world for me and my dream faded into the realities of raising young children and everything that goes with it. I didn’t think about writing again until several years after that, when I sat down and wrote a full length novel, and then another. More changes in my reality had me putting them in a box and having to place the world of writing on hold again.

Many more years passed and I found myself wanting to have the last laugh with a friend. She was going away for a month and leaving me to find things to do all by myself. Who was I going to go book scavenging with? When I asked her what I was going to do without her, she replied “Write a book.” She was joking, and I knew it but I decided to toss something together and give her that book when she returned.

Three weeks later, exhausted and exhilarated I stared at two hundred pages of a story that had come out of my mind. (I literally left fingernail marks in my laptops keyboard) I was shocked that I had actually done this. By the end of the month, when my friend returned, I was a hundred pages into book number two.

I emailed her the book she had told me to write. She thought it was going to be something silly – she knew too well ... she was shocked and exhilarated.

The dream found me again, and this time I think I’ll hang onto it!


Author Bio:
Jacqueline Paige is a world class multi-tasker. She is a mother to five adventurous and unpredictable children, a cafe manager and a colossal imagination that allows her to step outside of reality into a world of paranormal romance with just a touch of suspense. Her first book was published in 2009 and since then has published six, with the most recent being the first in her Hidden

Twice Cursed
Feb 2, 2011

Maddy is the oldest witchling to ever attend the Hidden Cove Academy, having been cursed as a teen; she’s forced to have a solitary life outside of her own magical community. With her magic so dangerously unpredictable, she rarely takes the chance on mixing with the general public.

From one harmless trip to a museum she finds herself spellbound yet again by an invisible boundary, caused by a three hundred year old curse, dictating that Maddy must stay close to the stunningly sexy Colin.

Being stuck with a tall, dark, incredibly lick-able stranger can’t be all that bad, right? Until they discover if they get too close the spirits bound with the curse will take over their bodies ... at the same time if they’re too far from one another the curse will kill them both.

Will the curse's secrets be unravelled in time or does certain death await them both?

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