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Interview + Giveaway: Kinglet by Donna Migliaccio

UFI welcomes Author Donna Migliaccio. Thanks for Joining us!!

What can you tell my readers about yourself that they might not know from looking on your bio or reading in another interview?

I’m the middle child of seven, an Army brat and have been married to the same fantastic man for almost 25 years.

What do you enjoy doing on your down time?

I enjoy going on nature walks and birdwatching. And I read nonstop. I think I’ve read upwards of sixty books in six months.

What is your Favorite part of writing?

I love the imagining part – staring into space while I think of the next plot twist. And weirdly, I also love to edit. I enjoy getting my prose just as tight as I possibly can.

Do you have any certain routines you must follow as you write?

No. I often find music and other noise distracting, but I’ve done some of my best writing backstage in the middle of a show, surrounded by other actors talking or making a costume change and with the show itself blaring in the background. If I’m really engrossed in what I do, that kind of thing doesn’t bother me.

What are some of your Favorite books or Authors in the Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Genres?

I’m a huge fan of Neil Gaiman – but then, who isn’t?

How would you pitch KINGLET to someone who has not heard of it before?

KINGLET is neither Urban Fantasy nor Paranormal – it’s more of a traditional alt-universe epic fantasy (without the elves, orcs and dwarves) that is still very much grounded in human reality.

Can you tell us a little -bit about the world that THE GEMETA STONE  is set in?

THE GEMETA STONE is set in a world that’s somewhere in between the high-flown epic fantasy of THE LORD OF THE RINGS and the grim-dark socio-political machinations of GAME OF THRONES.

Do you have a favorite scene in KINGLET ?

One of my favorite scenes in KINGLET is early in the book, when my protagonist, Kristan Gemeta, meets a couple of strange old women who show him a long rift in the ground and warn him that it’s an omen of disaster. He’s dripping wet because his horse just threw him into a nearby lake, the women are trespassing on his father’s land, and he’s about to get into deep trouble for being late to a bout, but he’s too fascinated by what they’re telling him to care.

Which one character out of all your books was your favorite to write about? What about the hardest to write about?

I love writing about Kristan because he’s so conflicted, so human. He’s inherently gentle and compassionate, but he needs find the strength and courage to regain his throne. His antagonist, the Wichelord Daazna, is hard to write because his psyche is so twisted: he’s willing to go to any lengths to get what he wants. Sometimes the awful things Daazna does have surprised even me.

What Other Projects can we look forward to reading from you?

The second and third books in THE GEMETA STONE series will be coming from Fiery Seas Publishing soon. Book Two, FISKUR, is set for release in November; Book Three, STONEKING, will follow early in 2018.

Donna Migliaccio is a professional stage actress with credits that include Broadway, National Tours and prominent regional theatres.  She is based in the Washington, DC Metro area, where she co-founded Tony award-winning Signature Theatre and is in demand as an entertainer, teacher and public speaker.  Her award-winning short story, "Yaa and The Coffins," was featured in Thinkerbeat's 2015 anthology The Art of Losing.

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Gemeta Stone #1
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Kristan Gemeta has lost everything: his crown, his kingdom, his courage – even his name.

In the vast wilderness of the Exilwald, he's known to the other outcasts as Kinglet. As long as Kristan stays hidden, he can elude the bounty hunters, brutal soldiers and terrifying spells of Daazna, the Wichelord who killed his father and destroyed his life.

But when a new band of pursuers comes looking for him, Kristan's wariness gives way to intrigue. For bounty hunters they're oddly inept, and a young woman in their company is leaving enigmatic drawings wherever they go. As they plunge deeper into the Exilwald, Kristan follows. He discovers the drawings symbolize the Gemeta Stone, an ancient family talisman seized by Daazna but now in the little band's possession.

With the Stone's protection, Kristan might stand a chance against Daazna. He could regain his birthright and his honor. But to obtain the Stone, he must reveal his true identity and risk the one thing he has left...his life.
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