Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: The Candidates by Inara Scott

The Candidates
Author: Inara Scott
Release Date: August 24, 2010
Publisher: Pocket
ISBN: #  9781423116363
Genre: Young Adult
Review Copy Source: Publisher for honest review
Dancia Lewis is far from popular. And that's not just because of her average grades or her less-than-glamorous wardrobe. In fact, Dancia's mediocrity is a welcome cover for her secret: whenever she sees a person threatening someone she cares about, things just...happen. Cars skid. Structures collapse. Usually someone gets hurt. So Dancia does everything possible to avoid getting close to anyone, belieiving this way she can supress her powers and keep them hidden. But when recruiters from the prestigious Delcroix Academy show up in her living room to offer her a full scholarship, Dancia's days of living under the radar may be over. Only, Delcroix is a school for diplomats' kids and child geniuses--not B students with uncontrollable telekinetic tendencies. So why are they treating Dancia like she's special? Even the hottest guy on campus seems to be going out of his way to make Dancia feel welcome.
And then there's her mysterious new friend Jack, who can't stay out of trouble. He suspects something dangerous is going on at the Academy and wants Dancia to help him figure out what. But Dancia isn't convinced. She hopes that maybe the recruiters know more about her "gift" than they're letting on. Maybe they can help her understand how to use it...But not even Dancia could have imagined what awaits her behind the gates of Delcroix Academy.

I read some mixed reviews but I liked the synopses and loved the cover so thought I would give it a shot. Dancia is someone who has tried to stay under the radar through out her school years and wants to continue blending in. One day some people from Delcroix Academy show up and recruit her, she doesn't understand what they could possibly want with her she isn't rich like all the other kids and she isn't extraordinary in anything she does and she doesn't thing they have any clue about her powers. She decided to give it a shot and starts making friends right away and really starts to come out of her shell but her new friend Jack brings up good points about weirdness going on in the school and she just cant let it go the more she sees and hears. Dancia's character was very enjoyable to watch grow through out the book. The love triangle wasn't over the top. The secret wasn't what I expected and I liked how it played out. Inara Scott really created a neat world inside of Delcoix academy with the special powers people have and the way Dancia goes about finding herself and what she can do. Everything was really well rounded and blended together well. It was a quick read that kept me entertained.

I gave it a 4/5 stars


  1. Sounds interesting. Nice when a book's secrets surprise you. The only "bad" thing about this book is that it's cover and the author's last name is very similar to Grace by Elizabeth Scott. It's confusing.

  2. I don't read YA but this cover really pops out at you.

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven


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