Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: Storm of Reckoning by Doranna Durgin

Storm of Reckoning
Author:Doranna Durgin
Release Date: February 1, 2011
Publisher: Tor
The Reckoners Book #2
ISBN:  0765361655
ISBN13: 9780765361653
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Review Copy Source: Publisher for Review

Lisa McGarrity lives to hunt ghosts.

With the able assistance of her loyal ghostbusting team, of course . . . and the unexpected powers of Trevarr, a fiercely driven demon-hunter from another dimension.  Their last mission—a supposedly simple haunting that turned into a demonic free-for-all—left them battered and ready for some R&R.  But rest has to wait.  Garrie and her team are summoned by an old friend in Sedona who desperately needs some occult assistance.  Making matters worse, Trevarr has reappeared, bloody and bruised . . . and exiled forever from his homeworld.

While happy to have Trevarr back at her side, Garrie is shocked to discover that Sedona’s ethereal breezes are quiet, the usual paranormal activity nearly nonexistant . . . except for some oddball power surges that don’t “taste” like our world at all.

Then Garrie’s friend disappears and all hell seems about to break loose as Sedona’s ghosts rise up against Garrie and her team.  With Trevarr’s not-cat bond-partner hinting at dire trouble on their trail and Trevarr himself seeing enemies at every turn, Garrie is running out of time to figure out just what’s happening in the Southwest…and to put a stop to it.

Once again I enjoyed the story but the dialogue is still hard to follow. You will be reading one point of view and then all of a sudden you are lost because without warning it switches to someone else's, in all fairness the copy I have is an Uncorrected ARC so it might just be that the spacing will be corrected and ease some of the confusion. Also the characters will figure something out and I'm still in the dark about it because I didn't get enough information to form the conclusion the characters obviously have. The Romance in book 2 is better than Book 1 THE RECKONERS. Lots of sexual tension and finally some action in the sexy department, but I still feel it is more of an Urban Fantasy than Paranormal Romance. Sklayne the sidekick not-cat provides some nice moments of comic relief. Im intrigued enough that I will pick up the next book to see how the events at the end of THE STORM OF RECKONING plays out.

I gave it 3/5 stars

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