Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: Bound by Faerie by W.B. McKay

Bound By Faerie
Release Date: August 19, 2016
Publisher: Self-Published
ISBN:  1536906220
ISBN13: 9781536906226
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: Author
Sophie Morrigan inherited many magical gifts from her death goddess mother. Most of them inflict torture, except the most beautiful. That one kills.

As an agent for the Faerie Affairs Bureau, Sophie loves retrieving dangerous magical objects. The job lets her indulge her covetous nature, and most importantly, it pays the bills. But when a routine job goes south, she finds herself struggling to keep her deadly magic in check while fleeing the wrath of an enraged dragon.

In a desperate search for answers, Sophie stumbles across Owen, a fae nightclub owner who's as sexy as he is irritating, but just happens to hold the key to her problems.

Sophie wants nothing more than to get her magic under control and return to her normal life, but first she'll have to face off with all the dangers Faerie can throw at her. Can she fight her way back home? Or will both she and Owen fall prey to a crazed death cult?

With an even pace and a good amount of twist and turns BOUND BY FAERIE was a good start to the Personal Demons series.

What really grabbed me about BOUND BY FAERIE was the fact that Sophie had a neat sounding job and I wanted to know more. The story starts off right away with Sophie on a case to collect a dangerous necklace that she underestimates and it ends up biting her in the ass. On top of that, Sophie steals from Owen, a nightclub owner, and ends up having to work with him to figure out her problems without really knowing what he is getting out of the deal.  They are both highly irritated by the other, but when they are actually working on the same goal, work pretty well as a team —not to mention the romantic spark that is between them.

I found that the world in BOUND BY FAERIE was a little jumbled, which made it a bit hard to get into. It did end up growing on me and I did enjoy learning all the different parts that made the story. I also wish that the characters were a little more developed. There is plenty of time to do this in book two though and the range of different characters kept things interesting. I just wanted to know more about them and didn't really get it.

I'm not 100% sure that I would pick up the next book in this series.  If I'm being honest, when I sat down to write this review I couldn't remember what the book was about until I re-read the blurb a few times and it finally came flooding back to me. Has this happened before? Sure, but I look for a book to really stick into my head before I'm sure I want to continue the series. I am hoping now that it's fresh again in my mind that I will remember it when book two comes around. We shall see!

I gave it 3.5/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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