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Guest Blog + Giveaway: Albion Moon by M.L. Mastran (@MLMastran, @RoxanneRhoads, @champagnebooks)

UFI welcomes Author M.L. Mastran. Thanks for Joining us!!

Hello all! M.L. Mastran here; author of Albion Moon, the first in a series.  I would like to tell you a little about my book and then a bit about the characters I most connect with and why.  So, real quick, here’s a bit about Albion Moon. Evaline's brother is missing. She's desperate to find out what happened to him. As she digs deeper into his disappearance, the mystery reveals an ancient family secret carried through the bloodline that began centuries ago in the Scottish Highlands. As this secret from the old world closes in on Evaline, she tries to sort through her disconcerting feelings towards the mysterious Mason. He not only seems to always know when she is in danger, but he is insistent on protecting her, no matter the cost. She also begins to sense changes to herself that need an explanation. As the threat grows near, she must make a decision to stand up and fight or risk losing all she holds dear, including freedom.

Exciting eh? Let’s talk characters!  I am a firm believer that the characters drive the story. So they have to be strong and appealing enough for my readers to care about them and what is happening.  On that same note, I was asked before about how I connect with my characters.  There are characters I have a connection with more so than others and it’s not necessarily because I created them.  If that was the case, I would have bonds with many ☺ Each of my stories typically will feature several lovable characters & others not so loveable that the readers will get to know. I create them to what I believe their purpose to the story would be. It’s not always all business either! Sometimes they possess traits or quirks I may see in the real world.  For instance. Aaron, one of Mason’s brothers has this obsession with 90’s music. It drives his family crazy but it really doesn’t necessarily impact the plot or storyline.  It simply makes him relatable.  For Albion Moon in particular, I am most definitely connected with my protagonist, Evaline.  For my readers, Evaline represents that strong independence and strength that many of us have inside. She’s just a bit more in your face about it.  I feel more connected with her in that I’ve been in her head for quite a while now. She tries so hard to keep others around her she cares about from getting involved and believes she can handle things herself. She certainly can with most things but not this. As Mason’s family tell her at one point, “You are in over your head.” This is mostly because they know who and what she is dealing with, which at that point in the story hasn’t been revealed just yet. As what is coming finds her and the family, she faces it head on but with a little help. It’s not until she realizes it isn’t something she can do on her own, that she finally agrees to let Mason and the others help. This is a quality I also possess. I will do what I can as long as I can until I have no other choice.

My second connection would have to be Isaac, the eldest brother and subsequently the leader of the family.  Isaac represents the nucleus of the family in my story. They turn to him for guidance, advice, or what to do next, particularly in those rough situations the family finds themselves in. I can connect with him because, being a wife and mother, I too am the nucleus of the family. They turn to me when something is wrong, what to do next, and so forth. Like Isaac, I have had the weight of the world on my shoulders but because of the leadership role, Isaac can’t break or step down. It’s a responsibility he takes seriously, just as I do with my own family.

I hope this gives you a bit more insight into Albion Moon and a couple of the characters.

Albion Moon is quite a ride and I hope the story keeps you wanting more. Book two will be released sometime this year so stay tuned!

Nothing captures the attention of M.L. Mastran more than writing a good story with amazing characters and a history arc that made the history books. This is Albion Moon in every sense.

On the flip side, M.L. can also journey to another world completely and pull the same elements with fantasy and make the reader yearn for more. Her uncanny ability to blend genres makes her unique to the literary world and an absolute reading joy. From the first moment you open the page, curiosity will pull you in and keep you engrossed in the story as you take the voyage with the characters to different places and times; to experience the events as they unfold.

Whether being told from a one character perspective or several points of view, her stories will unfold in your mind like a movie playing in your head. This is what pushes M.L to write her stories. It’s the thrill of the read and the drive to carry readers away that will make this trip to the literary world of imagination all the sweeter.

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Stand up and fight or lose everything
Evaline's brother is missing. She's desperate to find out what happened to him. As she digs deeper into his disappearance, the mystery reveals an ancient family secret carried through the bloodline that began centuries ago in the Scottish Highlands. As this secret from the old world closes in on Evaline, she tries to sort through her disconcerting feelings towards the mysterious Mason. He not only seems to always know when she is in danger, but he is insistent on protecting her, no matter the cost.

As the old world collides with the new, Evaline discovers she must choose to stand and fight or risk losing everything, and everyone, she holds dear.

Over the next couple days, I picked up applications from the couple of banks and other places in town as well as in Shasta, the next town over. On Thursday, Kristy, Lizzy, and I hung out and went for ice cream downtown. We hit a couple of stores as Kristy wanted to get some clothes. I loathed clothes shopping. I peeked at the racks while Kristy tried stuff on and Lizzy weighed in. She got a text. One of the other servers had called off, and Mason needed her to come in.
“I have to get to work. Sorry, Kristy,” Lizzy said.
“That’s fine,” Kristy said. “Can we get some lunch there when we take you in?”
I shook my head slightly at her scheming.
“Absolutely,” Lizzy said, looking at me. “Let’s go.”
We piled into my car and headed out onto Old River Road. It was a great day for a convertible ride. The late summer sun beamed on us as we drove down the road. I had AC/DC blaring, and as we rounded a curve, I heard a siren. Peering into my rearview mirror, I eyed the red flashing police lights atop one of the town’s two SUV police units.
Kristy glanced back. “What the fuck? You weren’t speeding.”
I looked down. I was just below the speed limit. After I pulled over, I got out my registration and insurance. The cop approached my door, and what I saw caused a huge lump to form in my throat.
Campbell had a smug look on his face as he spoke. “License, registration, and proof of insurance please.”
I handed them over without making eye contact.
He examined my license, which still had my Sacramento address on it. “A little way from Sacramento, Miss Bennett, aren’t we?”
“Yeah, I guess I am.”
“Where are you headed right now?” His tone turned from mocking to icy.
“I need to get her to work,” I said, indicating Lizzy.
He eyed Lizzy, who appeared annoyed by his questions. “Oh, a Cowan sister. How fitting. Tell your brother I got a nice cell waiting for him.” She didn’t say anything as his attention moved back to me. “So, are you here on vacation?”
My blood boiled as the dream I had with Jimmy came back to me. I glared at Campbell. “I’m visiting family for a while.”
“So, what is the address you’re staying at in town?”
“What does that matter?” Kristy interrupted any response I was about to make. “What the f—?”
“Smart ass like your brother,” he said, cutting her off. “He’s a great bunk mate for Jonas.”
Now speechless, she sat there.
After opening my door, he indicated for me to move. “Please step out of the vehicle.”
Not wishing to cause a scene, I complied and stood by my car.
He turned me around. “Face your car, hands on the hood.”
Kristy found her voice again. “Are you fucking kidding me? We weren’t doing anything!”
Campbell flashed her a look. “Shut up and don’t move.” He then patted me down. “Do you have any weapons or drug paraphernalia I need to be aware of?” He spun me back to him.
Looking at him dead in the eye, I answered, “No.”
Holding my elbow, he walked me toward his vehicle as he eyed Kristy and Lizzy, who were clearly uncomfortable with what was happening. Despite my apprehension, I followed him. He took me behind his patrol truck and returned my license.
“I suggest you watch yourself, Miss Bennett. These back roads are dangerous, and if something were to happen, it could be quite a while until you’d be found.” My stomach churned as he leaned into me and whispered, “A woman like yourself, all alone, might entice trouble.” He reached for my breast, and I reacted quickly.
Shoving the bottom of my palm up into his lip, I knocked him back but didn’t wait to see his reaction. I returned to my car, got in, then took off. I was sure he was going to follow, but he didn’t.
Kristy turned to me. “We need to report him, Evaline. That was wrong in so many ways.”
Shaking my head, I said, “It will make things worse, trust me. Just forget it, okay?”
She gave Lizzy a concerned look, who then asked, “Why did he take you back there?”
I didn’t say anything as we drove into the parking lot, parked, then got out.
Kristy was still fired up. “This is such bullshit. He made a move on you, didn’t he?”
“Just drop it, Kristy, okay? It’s over. I wanna forget it.”
The dust kicked up in the parking lot as we made our way through the front doors. A few patrons were seated at the bar, and several booths and tables were occupied. We headed to an open booth as Lizzy returned to the back.
While still a bit shaken from the encounter, I pondered what had just happened. A knot was in the pit of my stomach as thoughts raced through my mind.
Does he know I know what he is? Will he try to hurt what family I have left? Will he hurt me to find out what I know? I thought of my dream again—Jimmy had warned me. Or will he kill me?

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