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Winner: Jeannie Holmes Giveaway

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PRIZE: One copy each of BLOOD LAW and BLOOD SECRETS by Jeannie Holmes

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Guest Post & Giveaway: Stacey Thompson-Geer and Stevie Trinity

UFI welcomes Stacey Thompson-Geer and Stevie Trinity Authors of Dark Magick. Thanks for Joining us!!

Character Profile: Raiden

Raiden is one of the characters you will find in Dark Magick. He is a smart ass guy with a past all his own, but he also carries secrets even he is unsure about telling Lynn or the others.

Raiden is the typical surfer dude, with blond hair and blue eyes. He is happy to be who he is, even if he's still unsure about exactly what that is. Raiden can control the thunder and lightening as his gift and electricity in general. When the world went into chaos, he received a ramp up in powers from the Goddess to help try and save the world from distruction.

Lynn and Raiden have a past, but it's not as clear to either of them as Lynn's and Kalerian's Past lives seem to be. They are good friends and Raiden would give his life to help Lynn or the others in the retreat they worked so hard to build.

Character Profile: Acacia

She is a mean jealous kind of person. She wants everything to be as she see's it and control those around her. When she met Kalerian, he helped her to find power and to use it against those that would bring her down.

Acacia is very beautiful with long blond curls and bright green eyes, but under all that is a dark witch with abilities that even Rhea and Lynn are not able to fully understand. She has a past with Rhea as they were once coven sisters. Rhea chose a path of good, while Acacia chose one of darkness.


Author Bio's:
Stevie Trinity

Stevie lives in Wyoming with her family. She loves the wide open space There is nothing better than sitting out on the prairie looking out at the stars, or driving less than an hour to the Mountains and climbing trees, and yes she still climbs trees! :)

Stevie started to write short stories when she was 12. She loves poetry and started to write poems when she was 13. She then stopped writing in her early 20s, due to raising a family and focusing her attention elsewhere. When she was 30 she started to write again.

A couple of years later the Gatekeeper series emerged. She and her co author spent many hours talking about and discussing the world they created. Stacey really encouraged Stevie to write again.

Currently Stevie is working on a historical romance about the old west in a time of amazing change! She is also working on the second book to the Gatekeeper Series.

Stacey Thompson-Geer

Stacey is a wife and mother of three. She started writing in High School with horror short stories. One of her first is now published through the kindle - Silver Bullet. When she's not dreaming up her next story or novel, she can be found hanging out with her kids or reading one of her favorite authors. She is also an avid Facebooker and Twitter user. Stop by her website to see what she's working on and any of her backlist work.

Dark Magick
The Gatekeeper Series
June 17, 2011

The world has changed, we have changed. The world we once knew has fallen away and left us in a wasteland of Magick. Powerful witches and underworld gods control our lives. The past comes back in ways we are not prepared for. The Gatekeepers are our only hope. The question is if we can get to them first.

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