Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week in Review: 5/12-5/18

Books Ive Bought/received

* Heart of Venom by Jennifer Estep- eARC- Edelweiss

Books I Read

The Marked Son Shea Berkley
Forsaken by the Others by Jess Haines
Heart of Venom by Jennifer Estep
A Cursed Embrace Cecy Robson

Reviews Posted

Mist-Torn Witches by Barb Hendee
Once by Dana Michelle Burnett


* New Releases for the week. Was there anything you were looking forward to reading?

* Monday- Gabrielle Bisset was here for a guest post and giveaway for her Blood Prophecy Tour

* Tuesday a promotional post and giveaway was posted for Death's Servant by C.J. Ellisson.

* Wednesday- Cassi Carver was here promoting Dark Flight with a guest post and giveaway.

* Friday an interview and giveaway with M.L. Brennan was posted. His book Generation V is up for grabs!

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