Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review: Energized by Mary Behre

Author: Mary Behre
Release Date: August 4, 2015
Publisher: Berkley
Tidewater Book #3
ISBN:  0425282007
ISBN13: 9780425282007
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Review Copy Source: Publisher
In the new Tidewater novel by the author of Guarded, a kiss between strangers draws both into unexpected danger and unforgettable desire...

She’s searching for a sign...

Hannah Halloran has always believed in her gift. The things she sees through her psychic touch have never led her wrong before. Not when they led her to an unforgettable night with a sexy Marine at a bar. Not when she felt a need to leave her home and find the sisters she barely knows. And not now, when she is an unwilling witness to a brutal murder...

He’s ready to show her...

All Niall Graham wants is some peace. He’s recovering from the horrors of war, struggling to save his family’s restaurant, and desperate to forget Hannah, the beautiful woman who left him with memories of a mind-blowing night together and a bogus phone number. But a quiet life is hard to manage—especially when Hannah strides back into his restaurant with the news that a serial killer is on the loose and lurking closer than anyone could have guessed...

I really enjoyed meeting the third and final Scott sister. Niall and Hannah were just as awesome as a couple as the couples that came before them. One of the things I love about the Tidewater series is that it has a great cast of secondary characters. We get to see a lot of old and we get a few new as well in ENERGIZED.

The opening chapter of ENERGIZED did a great job of showing the reader how absolutely into each other Niall and Hannah were going to be for the rest of the book. They both develop lot of feelings in a very short amount of time, but because of communication issues, it takes them a long time to realize what the other feels. I found Hannah to be independent, secure in her abilities, and just an overall fun person. Niall was super broody for a lot of the book, but he grows on you as he shows his true self. They were really a great match and I enjoyed watching their relationship develop.

I loved the murder mystery of ENERGIZED. I had NO clue who the bad rotten egg was until it was revealed. I was truly SHOCKED and in fact, thought it was someone else. The overall storyline didn't feel over at the end of ENERGIZED so I hope we have another book coming and I really want to see all of the sisters together for an entire book, we didn't get enough of that. Here's to hoping.

I gave it 4/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.