Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Early Review: Crave by Melissa Darnell

Author:Melissa Darnell
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Publisher: Harlequin Tenn
The Clann Book #1
ISBN:   0373210353
ISBN13: 9780373210350
Genre: Young Adult
Review Copy Source: Netgalley

Savannah Colbert has been shunned all her life by the kids of the Clann. And when she undergoes some drastic changes after a strange illness, Savannah learns secrets about the group and about herself—dangerous secrets. For the Clann are powerful magic users, and Savannah herself is half Clann and half vampire—a forbidden, unheard of combination. Falling for Clann golden boy Tristan Coleman isn't just a bad idea—it could be deadly if anyone finds out. But her attraction to Tristan—and his to her—isn't something either of them can resist for long.
Savannah's best friends stopped talking to her one day and she never knew why. She was ridiculed and teased by them ever since but has never stopped being drawn to Tristan. Tristan has been drawn to Savannah for a long time but he is forbidden to have anything to do with her by the Clann Elders. After being extremely sick for a week she finds out that she isn't like everyone else, her mother is a witch and her father is a vampire making her a half breed.

Savannah stays out of trouble, follows rules and deals with whatever is thrown her way when she is teased by the Clann but that all changes when she finds out what she really is. Savannah ends up finding her voice and sticking up for herself which was a great turn for her. She starts doing what she wants and not worrying about making everyone else happy. The connection with Tristan grew steadily and wasn't forced. I liked the cast of characters and the storyline. The whole thing was a great forbidden love story with supernatural forces at work to try to break it up at every turn.  Twists, magic and secrets are some of the other small things that make CRAVE a great fast paced read. The ending left me wanting more while offering a glimpse at what was to come, COVET is scheduled to release in 2012.

I gave it 4/5 stars