Saturday, June 2, 2012

Review: All Spell Breaks Loose by Lisa Shearin

All Spell Breaks Loose
Author: Lisa Shearin
Release Date: May 29, 2012
Publisher: Ace
Raine Benares Book #6
ISBN:   1937007715
ISBN13: 9781937007713
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: Publisher

My name is Raine Benares—and it sucks to be me. The Saghred, a soul-stealing stone that has given me unlimited power, has been stolen by a goblin prince, and with it went my magic. The Saghred is in the goblin capital of Regor, in the hands of Sarad Nukpana, who’s on the verge of becoming the most powerful mage ever...just as soon as I’m dead.

Because Sarad can’t use the stone while I’m alive. Incentive enough to plan a little trip to Regor with a small band of good friends, not-so-good friends, and outright enemies. All we need to do is destroy the Saghred, kill Sarad, and put a renegade prince on the throne. Did I mention I’ll be doing this without magic?

Raine's long journey to defeat the Saghred is finally coming to a head. With some of her most loyal friends and allies beside her and without her magic she sets out to destroy the Saghred once and for all for her freedom and to protect those she loves.

It was a bit weird to have Raine with out her magic but in the end she proves that she can still kick butt. I have always enjoyed the world building of this series and after being on the Isle of Mid so long it was nice to have a new place to get to explore and learn about. The Goblins are an interesting race in Shearin's series and it was great to see how they do things and see them in action. ALL SPELL BREAKS LOOSE moves at a fast pace, the characters are always on the move and their is plenty of action and heart pounding moments. My favorite characters came out alive and on top so their isn't much to complain about.

All in all I was happy with the way things ended for the series. All the loose strings were tied up nicely and Raine is on a path to live a nice happily ever after.

I gave it 4/5 stars