Friday, January 2, 2015

Interview: Making Waves by Juliet Chastain

UFI welcomes Author Juliet Chastain. Thanks for Joining us!!

My latest short book is scheduled to come out today—a Cougar Tale called Making Waves. It's about a shy forth grade teacher from the big city who, on vacation at the beach, gets caught in the surf and ends up in the arms of a hot younger-than-she-is surfer. It's a fun little pick-me-up kind of read with lots of sex and good vibes.

Here's an excerpt: 
(Warning: Sex Scene)

I wanted him passionately. I wanted him to hold me, to touch me everywhere, to kiss and lick and suck every inch of my body. Shocked by the violence of my own desire for Kai, I could feel my aching pussy getting wetter and wetter. I could feel his cock swelling and pulsating against me.

Loving the feel of him, the solid muscle beneath the velvet skin. I brought my hands slowly up his back, caressed the back of his neck, and tousled his golden hair.

He ran his hands along the sides of my breasts, and I sighed with pleasure, with wanting more. He stroked my body, down past my waist, my hips, my thighs and pulled up my skirt and caressed my bottom. He slipped his hand into the back of my panties and down into them and squeezed my buns. Loving what he was doing, I groaned wishing he would go further, desperately wanting him to...and he did.

I heard myself gasp when he reached down underneath me. His warm hand slid, slowly, deliciously over my pussy.

"Mm," he said. "You are so ready." Ready? I was so damned ready that if he didn't fuck me in the next ten seconds I was going to scream.

What can you tell my readers about yourself that they might not know from looking on your bio or reading in another interview? 

Between the time I wrote my sixth grade opus—a tragic tale of two kittens, which was fully six pages long, made me cry, and got me an A—I finished school, went to college, taught third grade, and worked in a university library. Didn't love any of it. Then I got very serious about photography and, girlie girl that am, I moved into fashion and wedding photography. That I liked. Then the urge to write came charging back, and here I am doing two things I love.

What do you enjoy doing on your down time? 

Down time? What's that?

Do you have any certain routines you must follow as you write? 

To be perfectly honest, the routine seems to involve checking the contents of the refrigerator, checking my email, checking Facebook, and then doing it all over again a time or two. After I've wasted too much time, I'm ready to start actually writing.

What Other Projects can we look forward to reading from you? 

Next week a very short and sexy story will be released. It's called Intruder. Not much plot, just one steamy encounter—a perfect bedtime read. The following week Making
Music, another story with a younger hero will be released

As a fashion photographer, Juliet Chastain creates scenarios with her cameras, as a writer, she pounds out stories on her keyboard. Just as she can make a visual story using models and clothes, so she can create a book out of a characters and ideas that pop into her head.

Juliet writes two kinds of short stories: Sweet and spicy (like Making Waves, The Captain and the Courtesan) for the romantic who likes some serious heat in a sweetly satisfying story; and erotica (Intruder, the Kink Inc. series) for those who prefer their naughty bits straight up and hot as hell.

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Making Waves
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Passion combusts at seaside, with hot and heavy lovemaking in the sand, in the ocean, and even in the bedroom.

What's a shy fourth grade teacher to do when she is washed up at the feet of a hot young surfer? Nathalie burns with desire for Kai, but fears he will find her too old. Can she let her inner cougar roar?