Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway: Linda Poitevin

UFI welcomes Linda Poitevin Author of The Grigori Legacy Series. Thanks for Joining us!!

In My Library

I’ve always known that I have somewhat eclectic reading tastes, but until I started writing this post
and checking out what’s actually sitting on my bookshelves, I didn’t realize how eclectic. Where my husband’s interests are clear from the bookcase designated as his (military history all the way!), one would be hard-pressed to pigeon-hole me that easily.

Starting at the top, I have a sizeable collection of gardening and herb books, including titles such as Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, Healing Herbs, The Magic and Medicine of Plants, and The All-New Square Foot Gardening.

On the next two shelves below, there’s a good number of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series (I’m still working on that collection), a handful of books inherited from my grandfather (The Yearling, The Three Musketeers, and Bob Son of Battle), several YA novels that my daughters and I particularly enjoyed (including Nancy Farmer’s A Girl Named Disaster, several Tamora Pierce books, Ashfall by Mike Mullin, and a full set of C.S. Lewis books).

Dropping down another shelf, we have a number of books dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, and parenting, including The Gift of Dyslexia and The Gift of Learning, both by Ron Davis, and several books by Barbara Colorosso. These are followed by a number of books that remain from my days of home-schooling my youngest: Usborne’s Natural World; The World of Science; 1000 Questions and Answers; The Story of Canada; Snowball Launchers, Giant Pumpkin Growers and Other Cool Contraptions; The Periodic Table; Big Numbers; The Mystery of the Periodic Table; Universe in Your Pocket; The Pinball Effect; Kingfisher History Encyclopedia; and many more.

Then we’re into the odds and ends: The Everything Fix-it Book; Feng Shui in a Weekend; OM Yoga Today; Pride & Prejudice; Little Women; How to Write Better Essays; The Book of Tarot; Dunwich’s Guide to Gemstone Sorcery; A Dictionary of Angels; Angels—An Endangered Species; 20,001 Names for Baby; Bible Baby Names; The Hidden Face of God; The Lightness of Being; and a whole host of writing craft books. Also nestled in here are childhood keepsakes: Goodnight Moon; The Giving Tree; Love You Forever; The Velveteen Rabbit; A Child’s Garden of Verses.

Bill Bryson gets a place of honor on my shelves: The Mother Tongue, A Short History of Nearly Everything, and A Walk in the Woods are particular favorites.

As far as fiction goes, I rarely buy my own fiction because I live amongst avid readers who bring a wide variety of books into the house and I read pretty much whatever happens to by laying around: my daughter’s collection of Charlaine Harris books; my husband’s preferred spy/thriller books (Grisham, Ludlum, Crichton, Cussler); another daughter’s collection of the Bronte Sisters and Jane Austen novels; and my youngest daughter’s varied collection of YA urban fantasy and dystopian books.

See? Told you my tastes were eclectic, lol! So tell me, what’s on your library shelf?

Linda Poitevin is the author of a new urban fantasy series, The Grigori Legacy, from Ace Books. Book one, SINS OF THE ANGELS, will be out September 27/11. Book two, SINS OF THE SON, follows in May 2012. In her other life, Linda is wife, mother, friend, gardener, coffee snob, freelance writer, and zookeeper of too many pets.

Linda is a member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Quebec Writers' Federation, Romance Writers of America, RWA Futuristic Fantasy Paranormal Chapter, and Ottawa Romance Writers' Association.

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Sins of the Son
Grigori Legacy #2
March 27, 2012
When homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis sees a photo of Seth Benjamin on a police bulletin, she knows that Heaven's plan to halt Armageddon has gone terribly wrong. As the only mortal who knows of Seth's true nature, only she can save him. Aramael was a hunter of Fallen Angels until a traitor forced him into earthly exile. Now, with no powers and only a faint memory of Alex, his mortal soulmate, he will stop at nothing to redeem himself-even if it means destroying Seth in the name of the Creator...