Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton

A Beautiful Evil
Author: Kelly Keaton
Release Date: February 21, 2012
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Gods and Monsters Book #2
ISBN:  1442409274
ISBN13: 9781442409279
Genre: Young Adult

Myth and mayhem inhabit a richly reimagined New Orleans in this sequel to Darkness Becomes Her.After the epic graveyard battle at the end of Darkness Becomes Her, Ari and her friends know what they’re up against: Ari is facing the Medusa curse and is haunted by the image of what she will become. To make matters worse, the heinous goddess Athena has kidnapped young Violet and is threatening to destroy Ari.

Ari, along with the superhot Sebastian, is doing everything she can to learn more about Athena and to get Violet back. But the battle of good and evil is bigger than she realizes, and she’s about to be pulled into a world more horrific than she could ever imagine...

Ari now knows what she is and has started her training and research in hopes of saving her Dad and Violet as well as beating Athena.

I didn't enjoy A BEAUTIFUL EVIL as much as I enjoyed book 1 DARKNESS BECOMES HER. The story dragged for half the book, there were quite a bit of depressing circumstances and It was a bit predictable at times. I did enjoy the action scenes and the general plot.  Ari was still an interesting character. She is unique in her bloodline because of what her father is. I'm hoping now that he is in the story, book 3 will give us a bit more insight on what will happen to her when she is supposed to turn fully into a gorgon. I still really like the setting of New 2 and the different class of characters that come with it. Ari and Sebastian's relationship is interesting. They are definitely tested throughout A BEAUTIFUL THING but they seem to hold strong to each other. I loved Bran, he is proving to be fully on Ari's side and he seems to truly care about her.

I actually loved the ending. I'm excited to find out more about what Sebastian can do now and what that will mean for Ari in her fight against Athena. I'm also loving the fact that her Dad will be a bigger part of the story, it will be interesting to see what he brings to the situation. I will still be reading book 3 when it arrives.

I gave it 3.5/5 stars