Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guest Blog: Harbinger by Philippa Ballantine

UFI welcomes Philippa Ballantine Author of The Book of the Order series. Thanks for Joining us!!

Books of the Order —the Movie!

Well, an author can dream of having a movie made of their book. However, when writers do begin to write, they often use particular people as touchstones for when they are imagining what their characters look like.
In the Books of the Order, Geist, Spectyr, Wrayth and Harbinger, I have always had people in mind when writing my characters. They are at least physical representations of the characters, and I would love to see them have a chance to play them. Naturally, I haven’t just used actors working now, because if you are going to dream, dream big. I’ve plucked actors from a variety of times to fill out my draft.

 Deacon Sorcha Faris. A fiery redhead with the kind of determination to move mountains, yet she has an ability to make connections with people that even she doesn’t initially suspect. She is beautiful, but somehow you know deep down just by looking at her that she’s dangerous. (Played by Julianne Moore)

  Merrick Chambers. A young man with a ready smile, he hides his past pain very well. He wants to be valued, and he wants to protect the citizens of the Empire above everything else; unfortunately that means he usually puts himself last. He finds himself learning strength and courage from his partner Sorcha that he started off being afraid of. (Played by a young John Wayne)


Zofiya, the Grand Duchess of Arkaym, and sister to the Emperor. Like Merrick, she places herself behind everyone else in the Empire…especially her brother. Throughout the series she thinks of herself a merely there to protect the Emperor, but along the way she learns she has a part to play that is bigger than she imagined. (Played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)

Raed Syndar Rossin. Life constantly running from the savage beast living inside him was hard, but when he met Sorcha Faris, he learned there was more he could do with his life than just run. The guilt he carries for the death of his mother beneath the claws of the Rossin haunts him, and he traveled to the ends of the earth to try and save his sister. However once he falls in love with Sorcha, he realizes that she may have the only power that can save humanity. (Played by Sean Bean)

Those are who I had in my head…I’d love to hear who my readers thought of when they read the books!

New Zealand born fantasy writer and podcaster Philippa (Pip) Ballantine is the author of the Books of the Order and the Shifted World series. She is also the co-author with her husband Tee Morris of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novels. Her awards include an Airship, a Parsec, and a Sir Julius Vogel. She currently resides in Manassas, Virginia with her husband, daughter, and a mighty clowder of cats.

Author of: Geist, Spectyr, Wrayth and Harbinger (2013) from Ace Books and Hunter and Fox and Kindred and Wings (2013) from Pyr Books

Co-author (with Tee Morris) of Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences— an Airship Award winning steampunk series. Novels: Phoenix Rising and the Janus Affair. Also includes digital short stories and a free award winning podcast series

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Book of the Order #4
 The Deacons of the Order are all that stand between the wicked spirits of the Otherside and the innocent citizens of the Empire. They are sworn to protect humanity, even when they cannot protect themselves…

After the Razing of the Order, Sorcha Faris, one of the most powerful Deacons, is struggling to regain control of the runes she once wielded. The Deacons are needed more desperately than ever. The barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead is weakening, and the Emperor has abandoned his throne, seeking to destroy those he feels have betrayed him.

Though she is haunted by the terrible truth of her past, Sorcha must lead the charge against the gathering hordes of geists seeking to cross into the Empire. But to do so, she will need to manipulate powers beyond her understanding—powers that may prove to be her undoing…