Saturday, September 7, 2013

I want to know....

What are your reading pet peeves? 

 Here are a few of mine that have popped up recently.

* Huge cliffhangers with no release date/very long wait for next book. I agreed to read and review a self-published series with 2 books in it so far. I read and really enjoyed book 1 so I jumped into book 2. I enjoyed book 2 but it ended on a huge cliffhanger. No biggie, it happens. So I go and search to see when book 3 might be coming out and not only is there no info yet about book 3 but it looks like the author waited 2 years to release book 2 *face palm* who knows when book 3 will be released. If you are going to have a cliffhanger ending at least let your readers know how long they will have to wait to find out what happens and PLEASE don't make me wait 2 years, its cruel. Total bummer. 

* No recap after years of wait for next book. I received a review copy of book 5 in a series that I really enjoyed. So what is the problem you may be asking.. Well it has been almost 2.5 years since book 4 and I really can not remember all the details on how things ended. It would be great if authors had a page or two with a recap or timeline to refresh readers memories. 

Your turn!