Thursday, December 15, 2011

Early Review: Bedeviled by Sable Grace

Author:Sable Grace
Release Date: December 27, 2011
Publisher: Avon
Dark Breed Book #2
ISBN:   0061964417
ISBN13: 9780061964411
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: Publisher

She has done the unthinkable—turned her best friend into a dark breed: part Vampyre, Lychen and Witch . . .

Kyana thought only to save her friend’s life when she fed Haven her blood; instead, she created a monster. Now the woman she thought of as a sister is under the spell of an ancient, vengeful god, determined to set him free and wreak havoc on the mortal world . . . and only Kyana can stop her.

But time is running out. In just seven days, Kyana’s Vampyre and Lychen abilities will be gone and she’ll be completely transformed into the Goddess of the Hunt—and her blood ties to Haven will be severed. By her side is Ryker—ally, demigod, lover— who will sacrifice everything to keep Kyana safe . . . even the attraction that burns between them. Together they have one chance to save Haven from herself . . . to save humanity from hell on earth.
I really Enjoyed ASCENSION. I loved all the characters, the storyline, the gods and mythology and I could not wait to get my hands on BEDEVILED. If you have not read ASCENSION please be warned that this review will have spoilers from book 1 in it.

Kyana was a half Vampyre half Lychen and is now turning into the new Goddess of the Hunt. Her best friend and roommate Haven is processed by a god set on revenge, She is fighting feelings for her sorta lover Ryker and on top of it all she once again is expected to save humanity.

In the beginning of book 1 Kyana was very competitive and extremely arrogant and set in her ways. Kyana had to learn to work with others and let others take the lead. She made mistakes but did things in the end with the best intentions in mind. Kyana is determined to save her best friend Haven from the evil that is taking her over. Throughout BEDEVILED Kyana is plagued with inner struggles as she loses the parts of herself she has always fallen back on. The sexual tension between Kyana and Ryker continues to be high and frustrating. She really does fight her feelings to the end. There is a great deal of action and suspense from beginning to end. The plot is just as good as book 1 and hopefully will continue its awesomeness into book 3. You will be happy to know that BEDEVILED does not end on a cliffhanger like ASCENSION but you will still be left wanting more when its over. I'm not sure what comes next for the new Goddess of the Hunt but I will be looking out for Sable Grace's next release.

I gave it 4/5 stars