Monday, December 15, 2014

Guest Blog: The Witch Within by Jacqueline Paige

UFI welcomes Jacqueline Paige. Thanks for Joining us!!

Witches in Fiction
By Jacqueline Paige

Witches in fiction now seem to be the least written about.  The paranormal genre has been flooded with the now more popular shape-shifters and vampires but I still prefer to write about the fantastic characters that can do any variety of magic.

Release Day Blitz: Debt Collector by Susan Kaye Quinn

UFI welcomes Susan Kaye Quinn. Thanks for Joining us!!

What's a Serial and Why Would I Read One?  
 by Susan Kaye Quinn, author of the urban fantasy serial, Debt Collector

A serial is a series of episodes - or short stories - that are connected to tell a larger story.

Must Read TV 

Serials are actually a lot like a TV series, which themselves vary a lot in type. Series like Law and Order and House are more self-contained, with only a few character storylines carrying over from episode to episode. Series like Lost or Heroes would be difficult to watch out of order because the storylines carry more strongly, sometimes with cliffhangers, sometimes not.

Some readers like the week-by-week suspense of Must Watch TV; others would rather wait until the season is done and get it from netflix so they can watch it back-to-back. Likewise, some readers enjoy the suspense of reading a serial episode-by-episode as they're released. Others would rather wait until the entire serial is complete and read it all at once. Either is fine!