Thursday, December 19, 2013

Guest Blog: Christmas Eve Surprise by Ivy Bateman

UFI welcomes Ivy Bateman Author of Christmas Eve Surprise. Thanks for Joining us!!

Hello Everyone!

Today on Urban Fantasy, it's "Ivy Bateman's Teenage Garage Sale!" Let's see what items are up for grabs today.

Oh look, it's a six and half foot long New Kids on the Block poster! This is a very special addition because my cat walked from bottom to the top right after I'd unrolled it, leaving a beautiful and completely obvious line of claw marks. Thank goodness she missed Joey's face! This poster is yours for the cost of knowing the name of this boy band's first album!

The next item appears to be a set of monogrammed sweaters. Ooh how cute! Perfect for those of you whose first name starts with "C" or would just like it to. The cost? Free with the promise that you will wear them in public on purpose just like I did.

Lying right beside these adorable sweaters are slouch socks in variety of colours! Red, pink, green and oops…the pink has some red on it. Must have mixed in the wash! Saucy socks. These socks are yours for free if you also take the acid wash jeans that used to be partnered with them…a lot.

What's that in the box beside that table? Why it's diaries filled with woe! Create your very own alternate past with these masterpieces of teenage angst. Today, these babies are going for the low, low price of taking them all with you.

Oh, this is quite a find! It's a scrapbook already filled with hundreds of pictures of Michael J. Fox. These pictures showcase his career from the TV movie "Poison Ivy" all the way up to his hit movie "Doc Hollywood". They also represent hundreds of dollars in babysitting money and so I really should charge you a fortune, but today they can be yours for the cost of just admitting that MJF has a special place in your heart too.

And finally, we have for sale today, the Broadway hit "The Phantom of the Opera" on cassette featuring the cast from the Canadian Production. The price for you is nothing because unfortunately the tape comes with a flaw. It's loaded with guilt, guilt of being purchased during school hours when I should have been in class. It's very special guilt too because it was the only time in my high school career that I skipped class. It was near the end of my high schooling too! I was so close to being completely squeaky clean, but I just had to do it. I'd had a really bad drama performance and the only cure for my sadness due to a poor performance was skipping class and buying this cassette. As you listen to the melodious tones of…I think Colm Wilkinson…try to block out the guilt that has worked its way into the soul of the tape.

Wow…that's quite a haul and a fun walk down memory lane!

Presently, I'm promoting my latest book, Christmas Eve Surprise from Breathless Press. I'm very excited because it comes out tomorrow!

I'd like to thank Urban Fantasy for having me on today and I wish all of you the very best of the season.

Ivy Bateman
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Christmas Eve Surprise

Christmas is a time for love and thoughtful gifts, but sometimes surprises go a little too far. 

It's Christmas time and Tim and Stella are on the hunt for the perfect gifts for each other. Since last Christmas, their hot love life has cooled substantially. Tim feels he's to blame and Stella thinks it's her fault, but this Christmas both of them have put a lot of thought into how to make the other happy and put the fire back in the bedroom. However, with such unorthodox gifts ready to be revealed, will their Christmas Eve present opening be a pleasant surprise or an unwelcome one?