Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review: Underneath by Jes Young

Author:Jes Young
Release Date: December 1, 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Princess of Twilight and Dawn Book #2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: Author

Six months ago, when her long-hidden heritage came to light, Tab Bennett reluctantly let go of her past and embraced her future as an Elvish princess on the cusp of her gifts and the edge of her destiny. She never wanted a fairy tale life, but as the daughter of the Dark King and the Light Queen, that’s exactly what she got.

Raised in exile away from the kingdom of the Inbetween, Tab has never even met the parents who ruined her life. Her mother is dead, but Tab’s father, Daniel, is alive and well, the mad ruler of the kingdom of the Underneath. He’s made it clear he wants to meet her and now that she knows all the sadness and heartache in her life can be traced directly to the Dark king’s door, Tab wants to meet him too. After all, it's because of him that the first twenty-five years of her life were a lie. It’s his fault she gave her heart to Robbin when she should have been saving it for Alex, the prince who is destined to be her Homecoming. But, most importantly, King Daniel is the one responsible for her mother’s suicide and her sisters’ murders.

Now Tab wants justice – but she’ll settle for revenge and Finnegan Blackthorn, an Elvish warrior with secrets of his own, is going to help her get it. Together, they’ll embark on the dangerous journey to her father’s stronghold in the kingdom Underneath. Once she's there, far away from the Light in which she was raised, Tab will be forced to confront the seductive nature of Darkness and her own potential to truly become her father’s daughter

UNDERNEATH ended up being quite a bit darker than TAB BENNET AND THE INBETWEEN, Tab has come along way in her new role and goes through just as much if not more then she did in book 1. The beginning of UNDERNEATH started out so positive. Tab was happy in her relationship, she had all her family behind her and the ending kinda left her allies and her future up in the air. Because Tab was so set on destroying her father King Daniel she ended up losing more than I felt she gained in the end but I can see where the author might be taking her so I'm hoping my broken heart will heal quickly. We meet a wide array of new characters and creatures and we learn more about the other half of Tab. Alright on to the romance aspects. I wasn't really loving the way Tab was acting with Finnegan throughout the book, but that is probably because I really like Alex. Alex grew on me quickly and I really enjoyed seeing him and Tab together. I was pretty over Robbin in book one so I was not surprised with anything regarding him.

I didn't love the ending, it bummed me out. Cliffhangers will always do that to you though. I'm sad after reading UNDERNEATH but also excited to see what Jes has in store for Tab and the rest of The Princess of Twilight and Dawn cast.

I gave it 4/5 stars

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