Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quick Thought Reviews

Sometimes I read a book where I just don't have a lot to say about it. Hence the name quick thought reviews. These will be short and sweet.

Reap & Repent 
Author: Lisa Medley
Release Date: June 2, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin E
The Reapers Book #1
ISBN:  1460330781
ISBN13: 9781460330784
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Review Copy Source: Author
They see death. Can they share a life?

Ruth Scott can read the energy of every person she meets--yellow is happy, green is peaceful, red is aroused. She can even see the brilliant white light that glows just before death. Then she meets Deacon Walker. She can see his ice-blue eyes, his black hair and his gorgeous face. But this beautiful stranger has no aura.

Deacon is just as unsettled by Ruth--and, having spent more than two hundred years ushering souls to Purgatory and battling demons, Deacon is seldom shocked by anything. He's a Reaper. What, he wonders, is Ruth?

A demon invasion forces Deacon to confront the darkness in his own past even as he fights to save the human souls he's charged to protect. When he's taken captive, his first concern is for Ruth. Wielding her newly awakened and untested powers is the only way to save herself --and the Reaper she can't live without.

REAP & REPENT is one of those books that I enjoyed reading while I was reading it, but quickly forgot about. I know that is horrible, but its the only way I can explain why it made my 'Quick Thought Reviews' post.

I remember that the characters were easy to like, the storyline was interesting and the world building made it easy to understand what was happening. I wasn't crazy about the different POV's but it wasn't overly horrible. I remember enjoying the reaper aspect and the team that was formed with Deacon, Ruth, a friend of Deacons and then eventual a fellow reaper that the group saved from hell. Unfortunately I can't remember much more than that. I might continue the series, I might not.

I gave it 3.5/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Dangerous Calling
Author:A.J. Larrieu
Release Date: August 18, 2014
Publisher: Carina Press
ISBN13: 9781426898839
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: NetGalley
After years of denial, Cass Weatherfield has finally accepted her telekinetic gifts. Living with her boyfriend, Shane, has given her the confidence to be herself, but the fear of losing control and harming those around her is always present.

Knowing firsthand the hell of growing up without a mentor, she agrees to meet and help Diana, a young Shadowmind. But when Cass shows up, the terrified woman changes her nd and flees. Cass and Shane track her across New Orleans, and soon discover that Diana is being held against her will by an illicit organization that’s selling her rare clairvoyant skills to the highest bidder. In charge is an ancient creature more powerful than any they’ve ever encountered. And apparently she wants Shane dead. 

Cass and Shane work to free Diana. But as Cass uses more and more power, drawing it from her friends in the fight against evil, she feels an addictive pull that challenges her control. And, in the end, Cass may be the greatest threat to those she loves the most.

If you read TWISTED MIRACLES you know that Cass had a really hard time accepting her powers. It was great to see her more confident and ready to use them in DANGEROUS CALLING because she had to use them often. Book 2 has tons of action, lots of danger, and more answers surrounding the characters and storyline.

The relationship between Cass and Shane is pretty strong throughout the book. Some stuff does happen and I was really happy with the outcome. It really showed how committed they are to each other and willing to stick behind each other for the long haul. Really enjoyed the additional character that was introduced. Will definitely read more.

I gave it 4/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Memory Zero
Author:Keri Arthur
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Dell
Spook Squad Book #1
ISBN:  044024658X
ISBN13: 9780440246589
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: NetGalley

For Sam Ryan, life began at age fourteen. She has no memory of her parents or her childhood. In a decade of service with the State Police, Sam has exhausted the resources of the force searching for clues to her identity. But all mention of her family seems to have been deliberately wiped off the record. Everything changes the night Sam’s missing partner resurfaces as a vampire... and forces her to kill him in self-defense. Now Sam is charged with murder. Suspended from the force, and with no one left to trust, Sam accepts some unexpected help from Gabriel Stern, a shapeshifter who conceals startling secrets.

While investigating the circumstances surrounding her partner’s strange behavior, Sam discovers that Garbriel’s been involved with a dangerous organization that’s planning a war on the human race. More immediate, someone is guarding the truth about Sam’s past—someone who’d rather see her dead than risk her knowing too much. To stay alive, Sam must unravel the threads of her past—and find out not only who she is but what she is.

I love Keri Arthur's writing, but I probably would've never thought to read this series because of the old covers. It would have been a horrible decision on my part because I quickly became hooked to the story and characters once I started reading. There was a lot of investigating, action and paranormal involved in MEMORY ZERO. I loved the mystery surrounding Sam's past and the tension between her and Gabriel was delicious and annoying at the same time. I can't wait to see how the series will play out.

I gave it 4/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

The Winter People
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Publisher: Entangled Teen
ISBN:  1622663683
ISBN13: 9781622663682
Genre: YA Fantasy
Review Copy Source: NetGalley

An engrossing, complex, romantic fantasy perfect for fans of Kristin Cashore or Maggie Stiefvater, set in a wholly unique world.

Salome Montgomery fears winter—the cold, the snow, the ice, but most of all, the frozen pond she fell through as a child. Haunted by the voices and images of the strange beings that pulled her to safety, she hasn't forgotten their warning to "stay away." For eleven years, she has avoided the winter woods, the pond, and the darkness that lurks nearby. But when failing health takes her grandparents to Arizona, she is left in charge of maintaining their estate. This includes the "special gifts" that must be left at the back of the property.

Salome discovers she’s a key player in a world she’s tried for years to avoid. At the center of this world is the strange and beautiful Nevin, who she finds trespassing on her family’s property. Cursed with dark secrets and knowledge of the creatures in the woods, his interactions with Salome take her life in a new direction. A direction where she'll have to decide between her longtime crush Colton, who could cure her fear of winter. Or Nevin who, along with an appointed bodyguard, Gareth, protects her from the darkness that swirls in the snowy backdrop. An evil that, given the chance, will kill her.

I enjoyed this book. It had some slow parts, but it always managed to keep me interested. Lots of mystery and spookiness surrounding Salome and the boys that are 'protecting' her. You slowly get the information you need to find out what's really going on, but you still don't have the full picture until the very end. It had me on the edge of my seat for pretty much the whole book and I couldn't read it fast enough. My only issues was with the 'triangle' that was presented. I just didn't always understand some feelings that were expressed.

I have a whole lot to say about THE WINTER PEOPLE, but it made my 'Quick Thought Reviews' post because I JUST CAN'T tell you anything about the book without giving something away.

I gave it 4/5 stars 

* This book was provided free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

*Early Review*
Red Blooded
Author: Amanda Carlson
Release Date: September 9, 2014
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN:  0316404330
ISBN13: 9780316404334
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: NetGalley

After Jessica's brother is kidnapped and taken to the Underworld, she will stop at nothing to get him back. But before her grueling training is finished, Jessica's power mixes unexpectedly with the circle and she's dropped into the Underworld without protection or her escorts.

I hate to admit it because I am a HUGE fan of the Jessica McClain series, but RED BLOODED just didn't do it for me. Carlson's version of hell was ok, but not that exciting. The Lili storyline was very predictable and I really hate that once again Jessica was away from most of those she loved and the wolves for a good chunk of the book. On a positive note, we do get some really good answers in regards to the prophecies that have plagued Jessica from birth.

I'm hoping the story goes back to the feel of the earlier Jessica books (the ending does seem promising) because I'm not sure if I would continue enjoying the series if the shift in feel is permanent.

I gave it 3/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

A Human Element
Author: Donna Galanti
Release Date: July 24, 2014
Publisher: Imajin Books
ASIN:  B00M45L8C
Genre: Paranormal
Review Copy Source: Author

One by one, Laura Armstrong's friends and adoptive family members are being murdered, and despite her special healing powers, there is nothing she can do to stop it. The killer haunts her dreams and leaves cryptic notes advising her to use her powers to save herself because she's next. Determined to find the killer, she follows her visions to her hometown and the site of a crashed meteorite. There she meets Ben Fieldstone, who seeks answers about his parents' death the night the meteorite struck. In a race to stop a mad man, they unravel a frightening mystery that binds them together. But the killer's desire to destroy Laura face-to-face leads to a showdown that puts her relationship with Ben in jeopardy and her pure spirit to the test. With the killer closing in, Laura discovers her destiny is linked to the stranger and she has two choices - redeem him or kill him.

At first I really enjoyed A HUMAN ELEMENT. It was mysterious, a bit spooky and I thought the concept was unique. All those elements continued throughout the book, but it lost me about halfway through when it didn't pick up speed. I slowly started to lose interest in the story all together and had to force myself to finish it with the slow pace. I did like the characters and the overall storyline was interesting. There is a book 2 coming A HIDDEN ELEMENT, but I'm just not invested enough in the story to want to continue it.

I gave it 2.5/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.