Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest Blog: Loved By Heaven, Fouled by Hell by Konstantine Paradias

UFI welcomes Konstantine Paradias Author of Loved By Heaven, Fouled By Hell. Thanks for Joining us!!

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Konstantine Paradias is a jeweler by profession and a writer by choice. He discovered SF at 13, when HG Wells scared the bejeezus out of him with visions of slug-like Martians and has since devoted his spare time to writing.

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 Loved By Heaven, Fouled By Hell
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 Loved by Heaven, Fouled by Hell is the story of a woman who finds herself at the top of the world, having to choose between Moloch or the manger.

When Lucretia Mandrake was tasked by her sorcerous father to bind the creatures of Hell and Heaven sent to his deathbed, she thought she had claimed for herself immortal slaves, to satisfy her every whim.

She could not know that each of the creatures had their own plans for her. To love and foul her, to save her and destroy her. She thinks herself safe and content, but it won’t be long before her world comes apart at the seams, torn by supernatural forces.


She turned to him and saw his face healed somehow, his flesh rejuvenated by this act, his lips slick with her juices. He looked different now; his eyes bore a confidence she had never seen before. She gasped when he grabbed her by the hand, pulling her up. Her knees were weak, and she stumbled, spilling the last standing stack of books as the angel put his hand on the back of her neck, raised her leg, and beat his wings. 

Once they beat, and the tug of gravity let go. Twice, and they were already hovering in the air. She held on to him, her legs wrapped around his waist as he flew her around the great library. She let out a long, passionate shout when the angel began to move inside her in long, slow strokes, and she felt the entirety of his length. 

Hael flew her across the great library, holding her against him, then buried himself inside her to the hilt, holding her close. He turned in the air and beat his wings, steadying himself, placing her with her back to the loft's railing. Gasping with both pleasure and relief, she spread her hands and held on to the railing as the angel moved inside her, this time in faster, harder strokes, many feet from the ground. The glare of the midday sun as it shone through the library's balcony matched the warmth that radiated outward from inside her. 

It was then that the angel forced himself inside her, and she leaned back against the railing, letting out a howl of pleasure, her neck craned back, looking at her father's great portrait inverted, the old man unimportant and detached from her for the first time since her birth. Her sex convulsed then, and she let herself go. Suddenly, she was filled with light, and she held on to him for dear life. She shuddered as she rode the angel's member constantly, perfectly synching her motions with his, shaking her head as he let go inside her, and this time it felt good. This time she felt whole and complete, and she climaxed again and gasped for air, milking the creature dry. 

He picked her up in his arms as she wheezed, stepping up on the railing gracefully and beating his wings so he could lay her on the floor. Lucretia almost collapsed the minute he let go, but he grabbed her again, helping her steady herself. 

"That was...promising." 

"It was. But there is a creature of Hell here with you who you have tortured. It won't..."