Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: Riding the Odds by Lynda K. Scott

Riding the Odds
Release Date: February 2, 2015
Publisher: Entangled: Select Otherworld
ISBN:   1633751449
ISBN13: 9781633751446
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Science Fiction
Review Copy Source: Publisher
An act of desperation

and the beginning of seduction...

Spaceship captain Tara Rowan has her secrets. One is her Rider, Zie. Zie is an organic symbiote—like a living tattoo—that enhances Tara's physical abilities, including superhuman strength and reflexes. The other is the past she's tried so hard to leave behind her. But it's not until oh-so-sexy Trace Munroe decides to blackmail Tara that she realizes her secrets aren't so secret after all...

Trace is a Holy Knight who does everything by the book. Desperate to find a missing princess, he'll do whatever it takes to rescue her and bring her kidnappers to justice. Including blackmail. Yet something about the feisty ship captain draws Trace in and stirs his desire—even if she is a wanted criminal. Because the last thing he needs is any complications...especially when he has his own secrets to hide.

Tara is an independent trader with a past and a secret. I thought she had a pretty good head on her shoulder. She's smart, resourceful and she can take care of herself. When Trace walks into her life, she has to decide if she will help him find his missing sister, or lose everything she has worked so hard for. I loved the idea of a Rider and Zie was truly fantastic.  The way that Tara and Zie interacted and complimented each other was fun to watch. I so wanted a wild Rider by the time I finished reading RIDING THE ODDS. Trace is the adopted son of the royal family. When his sister, the princess, goes missing he is sure the pirate Jack Brown is responsible. He knows Tara is a criminal and part of Jack's inner circle so he searches her out and blackmails her into helping him. I wasn't sure what to think of Jack in the beginning of the book, he quickly grew on me though. 

Trace and Tara come from two different worlds, but their connection is there from the instant they lay eyes on each other. The romance is slow and when they finally throw caution to the wind they are pretty hot together. I kinda liked the fact that they didn't instantly throw themselves at each other. There were moments I thought they would, but Tara was pretty good at holding herself together.

RIDING THE ODDS was fast paced, full of action and entertaining. The characters were easy to like and the story was interesting with a great world to play in. I don't see any word of this being part of a series yet, but I would read more in a heartbeat.

I gave it 4/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.