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Interview & Giveaway: Jaime Rush

UFI welcomes Jaime Rush Author of The Offspring Series. Thanks for Joining us!!

I thought it would be fun to interview the hero of my new book, DARKNESS BECOMES HER, with Urban Fantasy Investigations' This or That questions. I always do an interview before the book begins, but checking in after the book is done is a different kind of chat.

Jaime: Hi, Lachlan! It's been a while since we talked—

Lachlan: Talked! You put me through hell, you did.

Jaime: Yeah, sorry about that. What can I say, the readers like it.

Lachlan: Nay, I think you like it, evil wench.

Jaime: Heh. Yeah, I do. But you are better off now, you have to admit.

Lachlan: Aye, definitely. Jess and I … [eyes me with suspicion] What do you want?

Jaime: No need to look at me like that. I promise, I'm not throwing you into danger, sending hell doggies after you, testing your loyalties and hard-won honor or making you fall in love with the one woman you can't have.

Lachlan: Oh, well then, bring it on.

Jaime: This will be fun, I promise.

Lachlan: That's what you said when you sat me down before you started writing the book.

Jaime: Well, it was fun … for me, anyway.

Lachlan: Bloody hell, you've got a warped sense of fun. Go on then.

Jaime: These are This and That questions. You just pick one or the other.

Lachlan: Alright, it doesn't sound too awful … [Cracks his knuckles] Bring them on.

Coffee or Tea

Tea, the gourmet kind with the loose leaves. My mum came from Scotland, so tea was the norm for her. My dad picked it up, and so did I. I use my dad's special tea pot, because it reminds me of him.

Pizza or Pasta

Pizza. It's easy to eat, and hell, you don't even need a plate. I just eat it right out of the box. [Jessie nudges him.] Well, I used to, anyway. Before I had to get civilized and all.

Up or Down

When I'm working with my swords, bringing them down is a lot easier, and you can use your strength to, say, cut someone's head off. Like wicked authors. Oh, did I say that?

Coke or Pepsi

When I indulge in the occasional soda, it's an orange one.

Werewolves or Vampires

After dealing with the beasties that look like wolves, I think I'd take my chances on a vampire.

Left or Right

Right. Always.

Angels or Demons

Jessie's an angel, though I thought she was a demon for a while. I'll definitely take the angel side. She's got her moments—ouch!

Facebook or Twitter.

Who has time for computers? [wicked grin] I've got much better things to occupy my time with.

Thanks, Lachlan, for indulging me one last time!

I'm celebrating the release of DARKNESS BECOMES HER with my Kick Butt First Line contest. Shocking, suspenseful…make us want more! Cash prizes! Contest runs until July 1, 2012. For aspiring authors, it's a chance to get your name out there and add a "win" to your bio. For readers, it's a chance to play at being a writer. Even if you're not inclined to write a line, check out the entries—they're a lot of fun! For details, go to www.JaimeRush.com and click on the Contest link.

Win a copy of DARKNESS BECOMES HER! Comment or stretch your evil mind … if you could put a person or character through some tortuous situation, what would it be?


Here's a sneak peek!

“You’re going to just run away? Again.”
Jessie shrugged out of Lachlan's grip. “Running is working for me so far. You make it sound like I’ve got a bevy of choices. I can’t go to the police. They’d only lock me away in the loony bin, and besides, they wouldn’t be able to help me, anyway. Make nice with Russell? Not likely.”
“You can throw him, and he can tear you apart. How long do you think you can stay ahead of the game?”
“As long as I can. What else can I do?”
“Kill him.”
She laughed, especially seeing that he was serious. “I’m capable of fending off an attack, as you know. But that’s a far cry from planning to kill someone, even with a good reason. He's stronger, and hell, I don't even know what I am, much less how to use it to defeat him.”
He was shaking his head. "When Magnus wakes, I'm going to have to tell him there's some new supernatural essence in him. That's going to be bad enough. If I tell him I let you leave, a lamb sent to the slaughterhouse, he'll have my head and rightfully so."
Part of her softened at the thought of not being alone. She had been alone for so long, holding her secrets, her pain. "I saw kids who were given a death sentence because of a disease that ravaged their bodies bit by bit. At least I won't die like that. If it comes, it'll be over quickly."
"How did you come to be in a place where children died?"
"I lived with a couple who fostered special needs kids."
He looked her up and down, searing her with his gaze. "You were ill?"
"Not like that."
He braced one hand against the wall, leaning closer. "When you watched those children dying, did it kill you too that you couldn't do anything to help them?"
His words cut into her. "Yes."
"Those diseases, they were monsters you couldn't defeat."
She shook her head.
"I watched people I love die, too, unable to do anything to save them. So you'll understand why I can't let you walk out there alone."

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Darkness Becomes Her
Offspring #6
May 29, 2012

  Lachlan McLeod, a man beyond redemption, has a mission: find the beast who put his brother into a coma. He'll start with Jessie Bellandre, his brother's girlfriend, who's harboring a dark, dangerous secret that could get them all killed. Honor is all Lachlan has, and as they plumb the depths of Darkness, not falling in love with her will be as hard as staying alive.

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