Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Bound By Blood by P.A. Lupton

Bound By Blood
Author:P.A. Lupton
Release Date: July 21, 2011
Publisher: Self Published
The Garner Witches Book #1
ISBN:   0987749307
ISBN13: 9780987749307
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Review Copy Source: Author

FBI agent and psychic, Brianna Reece, descends from an ancient and powerful bloodline of witches, only she doesn’t know it. But now that legacy has come back to bite her—literally. In the shadows of night in Denver Colorado, a serial killer is hunting women, and FBI agent Brianna Reece is hunting the killer. Unlike any case she’s worked before, Brianna can’t ignore the prickling at the back of her neck when she glimpses the resemblance she shares with the victims. The investigation begins to touch even closer to home when it is revealed that all of the victims were also psychic. Complicating matters further, Brianna is captivated by the FBI’s prime suspect Nathan Donovan. Though she senses he is hiding something from her, the attraction she feels for him is compelling, and unlike anything she’s ever experienced. Through a chance twist of fate, Nathan learns of Brianna’s ancestry and is forced to divulge secrets to Brianna that will change her life forever. When she learns that the killer is an evil vampire, and he’s now set his sights on her, Nathan alone holds the key to awakening her dormant powers. Now he must race to teach her how to control her emergent gifts before she becomes the next victim.
I have been pretty fortunate to be asked to review some great Self published books and I'm adding BOUND BY BLOOD to the "I'm super glad I agreed to read it" list. Brianna is is an FBI agent. She has always been able to tell what others are feeling and was never sure why but it definitely helped her in her job. She transfers from Chicago to Denver Colorado and on her first case in her new city a series of murders leads her to Nathan who is a vampire and the information that she is a not only a witch but a very powerful witch from a powerful bloodline and shes next on the killers radar.

Brianna is pretty kick ass. She starts the book out pretty strong with showing us that she can take care of herself and doesn't take crap from anyone. Although she of course has a tad bit of denial about the information thrown at her she pushes ahead and decides to use everything she is to the best of her ability while she finds out what she can really do. Nathan was a great addition to the story. He is a pretty old vampire so he is a bit old fashioned and I loved the way he courted Brianna. They had some pretty instant chemistry and it was nice to get to know him and her together without the instant all over each other that some books (no matter how good lol) tend to have. Ive always enjoyed books that have "police type" investigations involved and there is plenty of that with Brianna and her new partner Todd searching for the murderer. Todd ended up being a big part of the storyline as well and he really was well written in. He really fit in to the dynamics of everything without feeling like a third wheel type addition. There were a good amount of turns to keep me interested in the story, plenty of mystery to keep me guessing, and great romance to keep me looking forward to the development of Brianna and Nathan's relationship. The ending did a good job of wrapping up the current storyline and giving us a place to start with book 2. I look forward to seeing whats next for Brianna, Nathan and even Todd.

I gave it 3.5/5 stars