Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: Demon Lore by Karilyn Bentley

Demon Lore
Release Date: December 15, 2015
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: Author
Gin Crawford has enough problems dealing with her empath abilities. Finding out she's the world's newest demon-slayer is the last thing she needs. Unfortunately, when she slips on a mysterious bracelet she is given no other choice. On the plus side, her new gig comes with Tall, Dark and Handsome, a mage who may or may not have her best interests at heart. Thrust into a power-play between good and evil, Gin must choose a side before she becomes the next victim in the ongoing battle.

It took me a little bit to warm up to DEMON LORE, but once I did I had a hard time putting it down and wanted to read book two before I was even done with it.

The characters is what made DEMON LORE so great for me so I want to talk about them. I thought Gin was a little bland at first, but she quickly became a character I could root for. She has a few flaws that I can't personally relate to, but I was defiantly able to connect with her struggles. Once she puts her mind to something she goes full force and I liked that she had no problem sticking up for herself—although it sometimes got her in trouble. Smythe was broody and mysterious. I thought he was pretty bad ass and I liked getting to know him. Speaking of Smythe, I wanted Gin and him to get it on SO SO BAD. I know, she is sort of involved with someone in DEMON LORE, but there was so much attraction and sexual tension that I just couldn't help but want them to do something about it *Fingers crossed*.  

Gin's brother was way too overprotective most of the time, but he was always there for her. Gin's reactions and comments about his girlfriend kinda cracked me up. I can see her brother having a pretty big role in future books with his talents. Sargon remains a complete mystery to me. I can't figure him out and I actually liked him. I probably shouldn't seeing that he is an evil demon and all, but I can't help it. I am very interested in seeing where his storyline takes things in the future.

Not only were the characters enjoyable, but the world and plot were interesting as well. There was a lot of action and I enjoyed watching Gin and Smythe investigate the happenings in DEMON LORE as they got to know each other better. I still had a lot of questions about the people that Gin finds herself working for, but I have faith that more will be revealed in future books. DEMON LORE was a great start to the Demon Huntress series.

I gave it 4/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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Desire rocketed through him, the intentionally slow pace more brutal than any he’d ever known. He shifted, nudging deeper, feeling her leg slide the length of his. She arched against him, baring her neck, and he claimed the spot with his mouth. Fingernails raked his back, but still he held on. He tried not to think about what she was doing to him. What she allowed him to do to her.

Her body enveloped him, all heat and fire, and he held her with everything he had. Kissed her neck. Nibbled her ear. All the while, driving into her, rocking his hips, pistoning longer, slower, deeper. Breaking a sweat, tasting that she’d done the same.

And kissing her. Dear God, the sweet slide of her tongue with his was enough to leave him undone. He explored every crevice, tasted every part of her, swallowed every whimper. Forced himself to take her deeper, pushing against the bed with one knee, gaining traction. Nudging her across the sheets with his desire to consume her, to so thoroughly become a part of her body that he’d be there forever. He knew the moment she came. Knew she hadn’t been thrown off some cliff to flail, to seek purchase from thin air. That wouldn’t happen, not this time. He gave her something to hold on to while she trembled. Kissed her. Touched her hair, cupped her face. Held on until his own orgasm took over, stealing his sense of self, leaving him shaking and lost.

Lost, with no real desire to be found.

When he went to the bathroom to clean up, he didn’t recognize himself in the mirror. Didn’t recognize what raged inside him.

Didn’t matter.

Just went back to the bed and held her, knowing it had to be enough.

Knowing damn well it’d never even come close.

About the book:

He’ll guard her body all night long…

Ski instructor Ellie Montgomery hits Vegas during a romance convention to meet the man of her dreams…only, the man of her dreams isn’t the cover model she’s there to see. He’s the hot-as-sin bodyguard who catches her sneaking in the back door of a meet-and-greet, and he seems more than ready to do what it takes to prove he’s twice the man her pretty boy crush could ever be.

Jax Mathis couldn’t resist snagging a date with Ellie, but he didn’t count on the attraction being more than physical. They connect on a level he didn’t think possible–and he can’t run fast enough. She makes him want things he thought he’d never have, and maybe, just maybe, they’re within reach. But to have it, he’ll have to face the one mountain he swore he’d never climb…and with no guarantee she’ll be waiting on the other side.

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