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Guest Blog: Silence of the Wolves by Hannah Pole

UFI welcomes Hannah Pole Author of Silence of the Wolves. Thanks for Joining us!!

Pre-Release Jitters!

Why hello there ladies and gents!
How is everyone doing today? I firstly want to give a giaganticasaurus thank you to Urban Fantasy Investigations for having me! What loves they are!
Aren’t they fantastic? I think so…! I am a huge fan, so being on here is pretty awesome!
Thank you guys for being amazing. I really appreciate it!

So as you might know, Silence of the Wolves, my debut novel is coming out on the 26th of June… That’s tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow.
I am terrified! What if no one likes it? What if no one buys it? What if… by the end of the day, I’ve had so many messages telling me how bad it is, that I’ve resorted to crying and rocking back and forth on my knees in a corner somewhere dark?
These are some of the things running through my mind today, and for the last few weeks! But then I suppose when you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating something, and it goes out into the world like my book is tomorrow, its natural to be overly nervous. Right? Riiight??

With those terrifying thoughts aside, I thought being that there is… ONE DAY TO GO!...
I would do a bit of a post on a little bit of everything to do with the book and myself! (I know, I know… just go with it and hope for the best. I might be interesting, you never know!)
I absolutely loved writing this book, I really just got lost in it. For an entire month, I could do nothing but write, speak about nothing but the characters. My poor hubby lost his wife to a laptop for thirty days… And perhaps still hasn’t actually managed to get her back yet!  
Silence of the Wolves is the first in what I hope to be around a ten book series, it follows a pack of werewolves in their war against the Circle, a deadly band of rebel Magi, hell bent on bringing down the supernatural world as we know it, with their army of half-dead-vampire-zombies. (– Its not as crazy as it sounds, it does make sense when you read it, I promise :P) Tamriel and Leyth are the key characters in this one. She is completely unaware of the world around her but she is a feisty, stubborn bean with one hell of an attitude! Mr tall-dark-and-handsome only wants to educate her and leave her alone. But as the story grows, it becomes evident that she is perhaps one of the strongest weapons they have against the Circle!

So the book mainly features werewolves, this is simply because they are my absolute favourite supernatural creature! But don’t worry! There are many magical creatures hiding within, Minotaurs, Djinn (which are a bit like Genies), Vampires, Magi, Wiccans, Shapeshifters, these all are a huge part of the story. I think I actually like the Djinn the most; they are some serious drama queens! They are so much fun to write about!

I started writing because I found a diary entry that made me laugh so hard I actually fell off my chair. Yes, this can happen. Yes, it reaaaally hurts! I turned the diary entry in question into a book that never got anywhere (and still remains unfinished) but it got me going. I love animals, wolves in particular. So werewolves seemed the logical thing for me to write about them… Possibly because I secretly wish I were one, but hey! Writing about them will have to do!

Some of the brilliant authors that have inspired me include J.R Ward – Her black dagger brotherhood series were the books that made me fall in love with Urban Fantasy! Keri Arthur and Rachel Vincent kept me there, captivating me. And who can forget Jennifer Rardin and P.C Cast? God I love them.

And coming up next? Well, Silence of the Wolves is out TOMORROW (Whoop!) Song of the Soul, book number two in this series is currently being edited, so we can look forward to that coming out later on this year… AND Bite of Vengeance (book three) is almost halfway finished! Very exciting times!
I’ve also got the first book in a second series called Creatures of the Night in the works, but ssshh, it’s almost a secret ;) More on that when it gets going!

If you are still reading this, you are one hell of a trooper, I really take my imaginary hat off to you! Nicely done!

I can say from here is, check Silence of the Wolves out! You never know… You just might like it! I hope you like what you read!

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I am a born and bred wild child. (Or I like to think so anyway!)

I moved to sunny Folkestone to escape and find my feet as, well whatever I was destined to be! But alas, my short attention span made finding that destiny a little difficult! One day I came across a diary entry that made me laugh so hard; I actually fell off my chair. (Yes, this can happen!)
I decided that the entry was so funny; it needed to be shared with the world! So I started writing, and attempted to turn it into a novel. Though to this day, that novel remains unfinished, it will always be the novel that got me started, and showed me what I was passionate about. Honestly? I have aspired to be everything from a Private Investigator to a Zoo Keeper with my career; my interests change so quickly that I could never stick with one! Writing gives me the freedom to choose; I can be a cold-hearted assassin in love with a poet one day and the secret lesbian lover of a politician the next!
All my life, I have had a strong, unwavering passion for anything supernatural, spiritual and slightly unexplainable, I love the idea that there can be something completely fantastical lurking beneath the confines of normality. So of course, mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes dominate most of my work!
In a nutshell, I am a creative crazy bean, living with my lovely husband and a house full of too many animals! I’ve always secretly wished I were a werewolf of some description, but have come to realise that I will have to settle for writing about them instead! I’m happiest in the sun with my head in a good book!

Find Hannah and her books

Silence of the Wolves

 Fate is calling…
After a strange encounter in a dark alley, journalist Tamriel’s life is turned upside down. She’s missing days, developing odd new abilities, and being followed by mysterious Leyth.
Dark, dangerous – and too gorgeous for his own good –Leyth’s determined to teach Tamriel about her new life – as a werewolf! And just as intent on keeping their relationship strictly business.
But as their simmering bond grows, Tamriel and Leyth face a bigger challenge; Tam may be their kind’s strongest weapon against the Circle, a deadly group of paranormal creatures gone rogue. That is, if she’s ready to give into her destiny and put up the fight of her life...

Extended Synopsis (especially for Urban Fantasy Investigations because they are my favourite!)

In the depths of England, a Kingdom lurks beneath the confines of normality... A hierarchy of supernaturals run by the deadly council fights daily to keep their world a secret from the humans that appear to rule the world. With the Magi's in control, the rest of the community must keep their heads down and do their duty... Or face the ultimate penalty. Shifters and Vampires have the hardest task of them all, fighting in the war against the Circle, a deadly band of rebels, practicing blood magic and capturing souls in their wake. A day will come little wolf when you must decide which evil you fight for.
Tamriel Chambers, hard hitting journalist for the Kent News!... Or not. Wishing her life away seems to be her main pass time these days, with a dead end job and a distinct lack of friends, Tam finds herself walking into danger for the thrill of an interesting story, for the chance of something new. When a seriously sexy man stalks his way into her life (literally) she finds out not only just how different the world can be, but just how much she really didn't know about herself. Cue talk dark and handsome!Leyth is a wolf with a viscous edge, tied to Tamriel because of his past. He just wants to get her through her change and leave her behind. When Tam gets more involved in his world than he expects, he faces the ultimate choice, does he risk everything for a half breed female, bring down the council and change the kingdom as they know it? 
Or does he let her risk her life alone, and face a fate worse than death.


New Releases: 6/23-6/29

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