Thursday, September 10, 2015

Review: Nightbloom by Juliette Cross

Release Date: September 1, 2015
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Nightwing Book #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Review Copy Source: NetGalley

The love between a human and a Morgon, the dragon-hybrid race, tempts fate once more…

All her life, Ella Barrow has allowed others to make her decisions. Forced to stifle her artistic talents and stay in a loveless relationship with Clayton Kerrington, the man her mother believes to be her perfect match, Ella’s life may be safe—but it’s not her own. Paxon Nightwing, on the other hand, is anything but the safe choice.

A charming and alluring Morgon, Paxon sees Ella for the woman she truly is. His bold confidence and protective nature ignites a passion she’s never felt before. But a dark family tragedy forces their secrecy—until Clayton makes it impossible to hide their clandestine affair. Will Ella be strong enough to fight for herself at last? Or will she succumb once more and risk losing the only man she’s ever loved?
NIGHTBLOOM continues the Nightwing series with quiet and artistic Ella and powerful Morgan Paxon.

Ella's family expects her to live a certain way and marry Clayton, but she wants her life to be hers and she has come to realize that Clayton isn't who she wants. When she meets Paxon she fights her attraction, but is still drawn to him and can't seem to stop thinking about him. I have always liked Ella, I have always seen her as Jessen and Sorcha's quiet friend and NIGHTBLOOM digs deeper into her life and her dreams.

Paxon is a Morgon and like all the Morgon men we have come to love he's confident, protective, has an alpha male personality and isn't afraid to go after what he wants. Once Ella is on board, their relationship is fiery and strong. Ella's mother would never approve of her being with a Morgan man so their relationship has to be a secret, until it's not and Ella has to decide once and for all if she will fight for the life and love she wants or go back to living the life her family expects her to live.

My favorite scene of NIGHTBLOOM was none other than the bar scene where Ella FINALLY breaks up with her douche-bag of a boyfriend Clayton. AWESOME, pure AWESOME! I woohoo'd out loud and my husband looked at me like I was crazy. I also really enjoyed Ella's talk with her mom after her and Paxon's relationship was revealed. Ella really came out of her shell after starting her relationship with Paxon and it really showed.

A lot has changed in the world of the Nightwing series and I enjoy seeing the differences in each book. The relationships in each book are always strong and the storylines are always easy to follow. Each book can probably be read as a standalone, but you will miss out on character and world development and they are such quick reads I recommend just starting with book one.

I gave it 4/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.