Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa

The Forever Song
Author:Julie Kagawa
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Blood of Eden Book #3
ISBN:  0373211120
ISBN13: 9780373211128
Genre: YA/ Dystopian
Review Copy Source:NetGalley

Allison Sekemoto once struggled with the question: human or monster?

With the death of her love, Zeke, she has her answer.


Allie will embrace her cold vampire side to hunt down and end Sarren, the psychopathic vampire who murdered Zeke. But the trail is bloody and long, and Sarren has left many surprises for Allie and her companions—her creator, Kanin, and her blood brother, Jackal. The trail is leading straight to the one place they must protect at any cost—the last vampire-free zone on Earth, Eden. And Sarren has one final, brutal shock in store for Allie.

In a ruined world where no life is sacred and former allies can turn on you in one heartbeat, Allie will face her darkest days. And if she succeeds, triumph is short-lived in the face of surviving forever alone.
 *Spoilers from THE ETERNITY CURE*

FOREVER SONG was not my favorite book of the series. As we know from the ending of THE ETERNITY CURE, Zeke is still alive and is now a vampire. Allie doesn't know this and the first part of the book is spent with her no longer fighting her vampire but embracing it and hell bent on revenge against Sarren.

It wasn't too shocking to see Allie embrace the coldness of her vampire. After what she has been through to get where she is and then losing the one person that she loved with everything in her she just kinda cracked. She did come to her senses before she ever learned the truth and started to change herself back into the person she was. It definitely showed me how strong of a person she has become.

I unfortunately found myself bored at many points throughout THE FOREVER SONG. The pace just wasn't up to snuff with the previous books and there was a lot of repetition with very few surprises. On a side note, I was really able to enjoy Jackal in book 3. You see a different side of him and I enjoyed every bit of his character.

The ending was just OK. I didn't feel as strongly about it as I thought I should have. Everything was concluded I just felt like it was still missing something or maybe I was still waiting for something to happen. Overall the series was still worth reading.

I gave it 3/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.