Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: Death's Rival by Faith Hunter

Death's Rival
Author:Faith Hunter
Release Date: October, 2, 2012
Publisher: Roc
Jane Yellowrock Book #5
ISBN:   0451464850
ISBN13: 9780451464859
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: Publisher

Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifting skinwalker you don’t want to cross—especially if you’re one of the undead…
For a vampire killer like Jane, having Leo Pellisier as a boss took some getting used to. But now, someone is out to take his place as Master Vampire of the city of New Orleans, and is not afraid to go through Jane to do it. After an attack that’s tantamount to a war declaration, Leo knows his rival is both powerful and vicious, but Leo’s not about to run scared. After all, he has Jane. But then, a plague strikes, one that takes down vampires and makes their masters easy prey.

Now, to uncover the identity of the vamp who wants Leo’s territory, and to find the cause of the vamp-plague, Jane will have to go to extremes…and maybe even to war.

Jane is on the road for Leo collecting samples of blood from the many vampires that are plagued with a new disease. The journey isn't without its drama, Jane survives many assassination attempt's and ends up being charged with Murder due to the events in RAVEN CURSED.

What can one say about Jane Yellowrock that hasn't already been said? She is Independent, not afraid to get her hands dirty, fiercely protective, and incredibly loyal. She kicks ass on a regular bases and is always in the thick of the fight. With each book more of Jane's childhood events are revealed and the more we learn about her. Jane does a lot of thinking in book 5, she isnt quite sure she is at where she should be. Beast continues to be a voice of reason and entertainment. She is the perfect compliment to Jane and I could not imagine the story with out her. DEATH'S RIVAL is filled with our favorite characters and even has a new character with a name that you just might recognize if you are familiar with a certain Penguin Publicist. The ending is crazy and I can't imagine how the last development of the book will affect the overall storyline of books to come.

All of the Jane Yellowrock books are filled with action and adventure. Every book gets better and better then the one before. I couldnt imagine starting the series at DEATH'S RIVAL so make sure to pick up book one if your new to Jane and the gang.

I gave it 5/5 stars