Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guest Blog & Giveway: Spiritual Discord Series by Brandy Nacole

UFI welcomes Brandy Nacole Author of The Spiritual Discord Series. Thanks for Joining us!!

Creating Evil Characters
Not all, but most fiction books have an evil villain. But what makes a good villain? Well, besides the reason they are fighting against the good guys, which is usually about power and taking over the world, I think they also need a good backstory. A villain’s backstory explains so much about why they are doing the things they are doing and what led them there.

In my novel, Broken Faith, the hell hound Falon is the villain. Although he is not the main boss, that would be Lucifer, he’s the one doing the dirty work. But Falon isn’t just following the command of his boss, he’s out for revenge. In the story, bits of Falon’s backstory is told through Kayson and even a little by himself as he searches for Kayson and Sabrina. His backstory allows readers to see who he was, who is now, and gives them ideas about his possible future.

Backstory’s help improve the story, add a twist, as well as add to the complexity of the character’s relationships. Creating evil villains who have no backstory, they just do what they do just because, gives them no meaning. Sometimes it makes you feel for them, hate them more, or make you look around at your own life. It is what gives a villain his depth.


Brandy Nacole resides in Arkansas where her imagination runs wild. Her obsession is reading but her passion is writing. She put her dream of becoming a writer on the back burner and went to college to become a psychologist. Three years after endless classes in a field she only felt half satisfied with, Brandy picked up her pen once again and wrote the outline to Uniquely Unwelcome. She finished out her degree in psychology, but traded her dream of writing for the degree and put psychology on the back burner. Whenever she's not reading or writing, Brandy is spending time with her family and friends, throwing around crazy ideas, teaching , and singing like a rock star at a concert for no one else but herself. She loves plants, but unfortunately is a killer of anything that requires water but can't voice (scream) their needs.

She is the author of The Shadow World Series and The Spiritual Discord Series.

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Broken Faith 
Spiritual Discord #1
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"This is it. The moment Heaven and Hell clash. But which unearthly being will win, the fallen angel or Hell's hounds?

Overtaken by fear, I close my eyes."

Kayson is a Fallen Angel who has spent decades running from the Hell Hounds while searching for something that no one else believes can be so, not even God. Kayson is determined to find a Blood Child. But when a hound finds Kayson first, he is sure his end has come.
Falon, Alpha of the Hell Hounds, destroyer of the blood children, and devoted believer in his master’s plan, is bound and determined to drag Kayson back to Hell with him.
Sabrina is a Vampire, a half-breed created from one of Lucifer’s original blood children. After years of hiding, Sabrina’s fate changes when she finds Kayson barely alive. Against her instincts, Sabrina saves him. Now she and Kayson are both marked by the Hell Hounds.
Emma is an ordinary human, whose only problem is making ends meet, and getting over the hurt caused by her untrustworthy brother. Her everyday problems become supernatural ones when she finds Kayson and Sabrina hiding in her parent’s backyard shed.

Kayson, Sabrina and Emma are unlikely allies, thrown together by chance to fight against the most powerful creatures of the underworld in order to follow their world-changing quest. But will the broken faith of one break the faith of all?


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