Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Pros and Cons by Jenna Black

Pros and Cons
Author:Jenna Black
Release Date: February 25, 2013
Publisher: Pocket Star
Nikki Glass Book #2.5
ISBN:   1476700109
ISBN13: 9781476700106
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: Publisher

An original eNovella in the acclaimed Nikki Glass urban fantasy series, taking place between the events of the novels Deadly Descendant and Rogue Descendant.As a living descendant of Artemis the Huntress, private investigator Nikki Glass knows how to track someone down—but this time, her latest case leads to unexpected revelations of lies and betrayal...

If you have not read any of the books in the Nikki Glass series it probably isn't to your benefit to jump in here.  PROS and CONS is a short story taking place between book 2 DEADLY DESCENDANT and book 3 ROGUE DESCENDANT. Even though she planned not to take on any more PI cases for now when Heather calls she feels inclined to work it anyways. Nothing about the case is what it seems and the client is in way over her head.

I'm so used to action, action, and more action when it comes to Nikki Glass that I was surprised there wasn't any in here. It was however a nice little mystery and moved a nice fast pace. I missed having most of the gang with her but Jack made an appearance and as usual he livened it up a little at the end. Like with some eNovellas I could have gone on in the series without reading it but it was still a nice look into Nikki's life and world. 

I gave it 3/5 stars