Friday, March 29, 2013

Guest Post: The Sons of Navarus Series by Gabrielle Bisset

UFI welcomes Gabrielle Bisset Author of The Sons of Navarus series. Thanks for Joining us!!

Thanks so much for having me here today at Urban Fantasy Investigations! It's my first visit here, and I look forward to many more.

I've been touring the blogs all this month talking about my series The Sons of Navarus in preparation of the release of the 4th book in the series, Blood Prophecy. Readers can get a FREE five chapter preview of the book at my website at so be sure to head on over there after this to grab a copy! 

So what's the series about? Here's the series blurb for a taste:

Eight vampire warriors descended from the gods and chosen to defend their world against the Archon takeover, each dedicated to the war they must win. But there's another side to these Sons of Navarus—one that only the women they love know. Behind the strength they need to defeat their enemies lies a passion different in each one of the Sons. Their war will take them around the world and even involve the gods themselves, but they must unlock the secrets of the Prophecy of Idolas to defeat the Archons or perish in trying for none of their kind can be safe if the Archons win this battle.

When I decided to write a vampire series, I knew I wanted something different, something that wasn't just paranormal romance. Don't get me wrong. I love the genre, but I wanted to expand that idea to include more urban fantasy in the storyline too. The result is the Sons of Navarus. Part romance, part action, it's a combination of all the things I love in a story: sexy heroes, strong heroines, nasty villains, gorgeous settings, and a fight between good and evil.

The series begins with Blood Avenged and eases the reader into the Sons story. I'm not a huge fan of having eight characters thrown at me at once (although eight hot men might not be that bad!), so I intentionally wrote the first book to focus on just one of them before introducing the non-romantic storyline. The second and third books, Blood Betrayed and Blood Spirit, immerse the reader into the Sons' world and the civil war with the Archons. The fourth book, Blood Prophecy, will take readers even more into that world as they follow two of the Sons, Ramiel and Thane, as they search for the key that will help them solve the Prophecy of Idolas.

But just in case someone wonders if there's any romance in all this war stuff, I want to assure them there is...and it's quite hot. While the series is certainly not erotica, it's definitely erotic paranormal romance/urban fantasy. The result is a series with very sexy romance and a strong non-romantic plot.

Thanks so much for having me here today! Remember to grab a copy of the FREE preview of Blood Prophecy, and for more information on the Sons of Navarus series, readers can visit my website for excerpts, buy links, character profiles, swag (romance trading cards), and free desktop wallpapers to bring those delicious Sons to your computer. And look for Blood Prophecy coming soon!


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Series Order:

Vampire Dreams Revamped (Sons of Navarus Prequel)
Blood Avenged (Sons of Navarus #1)
Blood Betrayed (Sons of Navarus #2)
Longing (A Sons of Navarus Short Story)
Blood Spirit (Sons of Navarus #3)
The Deepest Cut (A Sons of Navarus Short Story)
Blood Prophecy (Sons of Navarus #4) COMING THIS MAY!