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Date Guest Post Title
1/2/2017 Bonnie M Hennessy Guest Blog Twisted: The Grl Who Uncovered Rumpelstiltskin’s Name
1/9/2017 Kristen D. Van Riseghem Interview Swords and Stilettos
1/11/2017 Karen Greco Guest Blog Steele City Blues
1/23/2017 Ann Gimpel Guest Blog Edge of Night
2/3/2017 Marie Johnston Interview Ancient Ties
2/8/2017 Jen Colly Guest Blog Bound
2/27/2017 Kristal Hollis Interview Rescued by the Wolf
3/8/2017 LM Pruitt Guest Blog Damned
3/15/2017 AdriAne Strickland + Michael Miller Interview Shadow Run
3/24/2017 Brian S. Leon Interview Unbound
3/29/2017 Terry Spear Guest Blog Between a Wolf and a Hard Place
4/3/2017 Vivien Jackson Interview Wanted and Wired
4/5/2017 LJK Oliva Interview If You Were My Vampire
4/10/2017 Deborah Wilde Interview The Unlikeable Demon Hunter
4/14/2017 AJ Norris Guest Blog Her Black Soul
4/28/2017 Viola Carr Interview The Dastardly Miss Lizzie
5/1/2017 L.E. Sterling Guest Blog True North
5/11/2017 Alanea Alder Interview My Defender
5/15/2017 L.M. Pruitt Guest Blog Wicked
5/18/2017 S.R. Mitchell Interview Shifted by Fate
5/22/2017 Steffanie Holmes Guest Blog Writing the Wolf
6/8/2017 Wendy Laine Guest Blog Secrets of Skin and Stone
6/14/2017 Gloria Craw Interview Atlantis Reborn
6/22/2017 Juliette Cross Guest Blog The Red Lily
6/23/2017 Ashley Graham Guest Blog All the Stars Left Behind
6/29/2017 Kat Ross Interview The Thirteenth Gate
7/10/2017 Katherine McIntyre Guest Blog Waking for Winter
7/14/2017 Amy Foster Interview The Rift Uprising
7/17/2017 Susannah Sandlin Guest Blog Illumination
7/24/2017 Tara West Guest Blog Dead and Delicious
7/28/2017 Lana Campbell Guest Blog Dark Experiments
7/31/2017 Deborah Camp Guest Blog Through Her Eyes
8/14/2017 Donna Migliaccio Interview Kinglet
9/4/2017 Alanea Alder Interview My Angel
9/18/2017 Anise Eden Interview All the Light There IS
9/29/2017 Marita A. Hansen Guest Blog Stella Maris
10/6/2017 L.M. Preston Guest Blog Fierce Tides
10/13/2017 T.L. Martin Interview Touched by Death
10/16/2017 Silver Milan Interview Dragon’s First Rule
11/3/2017 Heather MacKinnon Guest Blog Changed
11/6/2017 Dave Heron Interview From the Ash
11/9/2017 Jun Prince Interview The Beautiful Dead
11/13/2017 Jacey Bedford Interview Nimbus
11/15/2017 Ann Gimpel Guest Blog Bitter Harvest
11/16/2017 C.E. Clayton Guest Blog The Monster of Selkirk
11/22/2017 Shona Husk Guest Blog Maid of Ice
11/27/2017 Jack Wallen Guest Blog For Whom the Reap Tolls
12/1/2017 Rayanne Haines Interview Fire Born
12/11/2017 Tena Stetler Interview A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance
12/13/2017 Shari Nichols Guest Blog Haunted
12/14/2017 Tenaya Jayne Interview Fallen
12/20/2017 Claire Davon Interview Air Attack



Date Guest Post Title
1/4/2016 Lori Sjoberg Guest Blog Grave Attraction Tour
1/12/2016 Rhenna Morgan Interview Healing Eden Tour
1/15/2016 Katherine McIntyre Guest Blog Hunting for Spring Tour
1/21/2016 Kathleen Collins Guest Blog Realm Walker Series
1/29/2016 Christian A. Brown Guest Blog Four Feasts Till Darkenss Series
2/4/2016 Jacey Bedford Interview Winterwood Tour
2/16/2016 Sabrina Benulis Guest Blog Angeleus Tour
3/2/2016 J.C. Nelson Interview The Reburialist Tour
3/9/2016 Sophie H. Morgan Interview Whispers Tour
3/14/2016 Abigail Drake Interview Traveller Tour
3/18/2016 Annette Marie Guest Blog Steel & Stone Tour
3/19/2016 Kristy Canteno Interview Deliverance Tour
3/25/2016 Tim Marquitz Interview Kickstarter Campaign
4/7/2016 Ashlyn Chase Interview I Dream of Dragons Tour
4/11/2016 Rachel Rawlings Interview Payable On Death Tour
4/15/2016 Holy Jennings Interview Arena Tour
4/18/2016 Rhea Rhodan Interview Melting Shadows Tour
4/20/2016 Kyra Jacobs Guest Blog Dragons Among Them Tour
4/26/2016 Wende Dikec Guest Blog Star Valentine Tour
5/2/2016 Karen Hodges Miller Interview The Patient Wolf Tour
5/4/2016 L.E. Sterling Interview True Born Tour
5/16/2016 Kirsten Weiss Guest Blog A Midsummer Night’s Mechanical Tour
5/18/2016 Efthalia Interview Phantasma Tour
5/23/2016 Lexi George Guest Blog Demon Hunting With A Dixi Deb Tour
5/25/2016 Cynthea Masson Interview The Alchemists’ Council Tour
5/30/2016 Carmen Fox Guest Blog Bound Tour
6/1/2016 Jamie Schmidt Interview The Queen’s Dance Tour
6/8/2016 Rachel A. Marks Guest Blog The Dark Cycle Series
6/13/2016 Emily Ann Hansen Interview Grimm and White Tour
6/20/2016 Kory M. Shrum Guest Blog Worth Dying Tour
7/1/2016 Rain Grey Interview Vampire Creed Tour
7/11/2016 AJ Norris Interview Her Black Wings Tour
7/22/2016 JB Dutton Interview Embodied Trilogy Tour
7/25/2016 Celia Breslin Guest Blog Jasmine Moon Tour
7/27/2016 Rose Shababy Guest Blog The After Effect
8/10/2016 James A. Hunter Guest Blog Cold Hearted
8/17/2016 LM Pruitt Guest Blog Lucy Trilogy
8/22/2016 William Burke Guest Blog Zombie Uprising
8/25/2016 Anise Eden Interview All the Wounds in Shadow
8/31/2016 AJ Norris Interview Her Black Heart
9/2/2016 CJ Burright Interview Beautifully Burned
9/7/2016 Christine Leigh Pritchard Guest Blog E.R.I.C
9/12/2016 Megan Linski Guest Blog Rhodi’s Light
9/16/2016 Genevieve Jack Guest Blog Vice
9/30/2016 Jamie McFarlane Interview Wicked FOlk
10/6/2016 Jenn Windrow Guest Blog Struck
10/13/2016 Amie Kaufman + Jay Kristoff Interview Gemina
10/17/2016 Traci Douglass Interview Blood Bound
10/19/2016 Dianne Duvall Guest Blog Rendezvous With Yesterday
10/21/2016 Faith Hunter Interview Curse on the Land
11/1/2016 Danica Winters Interview Once a Gypsy
11/11/2016 Terri L. Austin Interview Dispelled
11/16/2016 Ann Gimpel Guest Blog Demon Assassins series
11/21/2016 Colleen Halverson Interview Children of the Veil
11/25/2016 Suzanne Johnson Guest Blog Belle Chasse
11/28/2016 LD Rose Guest Blog Black Bullet
12/1/2016 ClareMarie Interview Into the Shadows
12/21/2016 Christine Church Guest Blog Beyond Every Mirror

Date Guest Post Title
1/2/2015 Juliet Chastain Interview Making Waves Tour
1/5/2015 Amber Benson Interview The Witches of Echo Park Tour
1/6/2015 Ann Gimpel Interview Dark Prophecy
1/7/2015 AJ Llewellyn Interview Makahiki Tour
1/12/2015 J.A. Garland Guest Blog Unspoken Tour
1/15/2015 Liana Brooks Interview Even Villains Have Interns Tour
1/20/2015 Lori Sjoberg Interview Grave Vengeance Tour
1/23/2015 Raven ShadowHawk Interview Sugar Dust: Slippers and Chains Tour
1/26/2015 Juliette Cross Interview Forged in Fire Tour
1/27/2015 Rebecca Zanetti Guest Blog Blind Faith Tour
1/28/2015 Lisa Shearin Interview The Dragon Conspiracy Tour
2/3/2015 Juliette Cross Interview Windburn Tour
2/4/2015 Taryn Kincaid Guest Blog Wolf’s Song Tour
2/11/2015 Claire Ashgrove Interview Inherited Damnation Tour
2/23/2015 Anise Rae Guest Blog Enchanter’s Echo Tour
2/26/2015 J.P. Sloan Guest Blog The Curse Servant Tour
3/3/2015 Amanda Pillar Guest Blog Graced Tour
3/4/2015 Devon Monk Interview Infinity Bell Tour
3/5/2015 Evie Manieri Guest Blog Fortune’s Blight Tour
3/9/2015 Ann Gimpel Interview Earth’s Hope Tour
3/10/2015 Christine Sutton Guest Blog Let Me In Tour
3/14/2015 C.T. Adams Guest Blog The Exile Tour
3/16/2015 Sharon Hamilton Interview Underworld Queen Tour
3/19/2015 Kennan Reid Guest Blog The Morrigan Tour
3/23/2015 Nessie Strange Interview Reaper Madness Tour
3/24/2015 Laura Bickle Guest Blog Dark Alchemy
4/2/2015 Faith Hunter Guest Blog Dark Heir Tour
4/3/2015 Dani Harper Interview Storm Warned Tour
4/7/2015 Celia Breslin Interview Diamond Moon Tour
4/10/2015 Charlotte McConaghy Interview Melancholy Tour
4/13/2015 AM Hudson Interview Bound Tour
4/14/2015 Imogen Rose Interview Retaliation Tour
4/20/2015 Angela Dennis Guest Blog Piercing the Darkness Tour
4/27/2015 Sophie H. Morgan Interview Ashes Tour
4/28/2015 Jennifer Estep Interview Cold Burn of Magic Tour
4/29/2015 Molle McGregor Interview Shadow’s Pleasure Tour
5/4/2015 Rebekah Turner Interview Chaos Broken Tour
5/5/2015 Suzanne Johnson Guest Blog Pirate’s Alley Tour
5/8/2015 Claire Ashgrove Guest Blog Inherited Damnation Tour
5/12/2015 Kristin Miller Guest Blog The Werewolf Wears Prada Tour
5/14/2015 Andrea L Wells Interview The Violet Hour Tour
5/18/2015 A.D. Marrow Guest Blog Chaos and Moonlight Tour
5/21/2015 Linsey Hall Interview Mythean Arcana Series
5/22/2015 Jan DeLima Interview The Celtic Wolves Series
5/25/2015 Marcia Colette Interview Stricken Tour
5/27/2015 Beth Cato Guest Blog The Clockwork Clown Tour
5/28/2015 Stacey Kennedy Interview Witches Be Burned Tour
6/8/2015 Michelle Hiscox Interview A New Day at Midnight Tour
6/11/2015 Juliette Cross Guest Blog Waking the Dragon Tour
6/15/2015 Lana Pecherczyk Guest Blog Hunitng for Witches Tour
6/16/2015 LM Pruitt Guest Blog Jude Magdalyn Series
6/24/2015 Kaylie Newell Interview Hunter of Her Heart Tour
6/29/2015 Jane Kindred Guest Blog Idol of Blood Tour
7/6/2015 Vicki Crum Interview Once in a Blue Moon Tour
7/7/2015 Amanda J Greene Guest Blog Surrender to the Chase Tour
7/8/2015 Rachel Caine Interview Ink and Bone Tour
7/10/2015 Alex Bledsoe Guest Blog Long Black Curl Tour
7/13/2015 Tricia Skinner Guest Blog Angel Lover Tour
7/15/2015 Rose Shababy Interview The Blue Effect Tour
7/21/2015 Rachel Rowling Guest Blog The Maurin Kincaide Series
7/23/2015 C.T. Phipps Guest Blog Ecoterrorism Tour
7/28/2015 Jody Wallace Interview Traitor Tour
7/29/2015 David Hofmeyr Interview Stone Rider Tour
7/31/2015 Candace Havens Interview Baby’s Got Bite Tour
8/6/2015 Danielle Rose Guest Blog Blood Rose Tour
8/7/2015 Ryanne Hawk Guest Blog Lucky Tour
8/11/2015 Elliott James Interview Fearless Tour
8/19/2015 Cathy Clamp Interview Forbidden Tour
8/28/2015 Carmen Fox Interview Guarded Tour
8/31/2015 Abigail Baker Guest Blog The Reaper’s Kiss Tour
8/31/2015 Nina Croft Guest Blog Blood and Metal Tour
9/2/2015 J.L. Murray Interview Eat the Ones You Love Tour
9/7/2015 Kathleen Collins Guest Blog Blood Slave Tour
9/9/2015 Kim Harrison Interview The Drafter Tour
9/14/2015 Tracy L. Slatton Interview Blood Sky Tour
9/15/2015 Cassandra L. Shaw Guest Blog Twin Flames Tour
9/16/2015 Margaret Dunlap Guest Blog Bookburners Episode One Tour
9/17/2015 Helena Shaw Guest Blog Devil’s Playground Tour
9/21/2015 Sennah Tate Guest Blog Awakened Tour
9/22/2015 Angela Dennis Interview Dance with the Devil Tour
9/24/2015 Aileen Erin Guest Blog Alpha Unleashed Tour
9/28/2015 Jan DeLima Guest Blog Autumn Moon Tour
9/29/2015 Fran Wilde TBD Updraft Tour
10/1/2015 Celia Breslin Guest Blog Under a Mating Moon Tour
10/2/2015 Sophie Masson Guest Blog Trinity: The False Prince Tour
10/5/2015 Lisa Kessler Guest Blog Harvest Moon Tour
10/6/2015 Naomi Bellina Guest Blog Sins of Long Ago Tour
10/8/2015 Lola Dodge Guest Blog Quanta Tour
10/9/2015 Paula Altenburg Guest Blog Pale Moon Walking Tour
10/16/2015 Alexis Radcliff Interview A Vanishing Glow Tour
10/22/2015 Christina Bauer Guest Blog Portia Tour
10/26/2015 Laura Bickle Guest Blog Mercury Retrograde Tour
10/29/2015 Carlyle Labuschagne Guest Blog Dead of Night Tour
10/30/2015 L.J.K. Oliva Guest Blog Season of the Witch Tour
11/17/2015 Kathleen Collins Interview Realm Walker Series
11/18/2015 April Aesheim Guest Blog The Good Girl’s Guide to Being a Demon Tour
11/21/2015 Calinda B. Guest Blog Crow’s Caw at Nightmoon Creek Tour
11/24/2015 Aria Kane Interview Sibilance Tour
11/25/2014 Ann Gimpel Guest Blog Dragon Lore Series
11/30/2015 J.D. Wright Guest Blog Wildfire Tour
12/7/2015 Tenaya Jayne Interview Forbidden Forest Tour
12/10/2015 Michael Weekly Guest Blog Mystical Tour
12/14/2015 Leyla Kader Dahm Guest Blog Annabeth Neverending Tour
12/15/2015 Rachel Rawlings Guest Blog The Maurin Kincaide Series
12/18/2015 Kimber Leigh Wheaton Guest Blog Twisted Sisters Blog Tour
12/21/2015 Kory M. Shrum Interview Dying Light Tour
12/23/2015 Mya Robarts Guest Blog The V Girl Tour
12/30/2015 Keri Arthur Interview City Of Light Tour


Date Guest Post Title
1/6/2014 Faith Hunter Interview Black Arts Tour
1/8/2014 Lisa Shearin Interview The Grendel Affair Tour
1/13/2014 Natalie Damschroder Guest Blog Sunroper Tour
1/15/2014 Molly Harper Interview How To Run With a Naked Werewolf Tour
1/17/2013 Jaye Wells Guest Blog Dirty Magic Tour
1/20/2014 K.D. Pryor Guest Blog The Gatekeepers of Em’pyrean Series
1/24/2014 Konstantine Paradias Guest Blog Loved by Heaven, Fouled by Hell Tour
1/29/2014 Kerry Schafer Interview Wakeworld Tour
1/30/2014 Rebekah Lewis Guest Blog Wicked Satyr Night Tour
2/5/2014 D.F. Krieger Guest Blog Panters and Precincts Tour
2/12/2014 K.E. Shade Interview Muir Bhreatan Tour
2/19/2014 H.K. Sterling Guest Blog A Taste For Killing Tour
2/24/2014 Carol Van Atta Guest Blog She Kissed A Vampire Tour
2/25/2014 Patricia Eimer Guest Blog Before the Devil Knows Your Dead Tour
2/26/2014 Marjorie M. Liu Interview Labryrinth of Stars Tour
2/28/2014 Lauren M. Roy Guest Blog Night Owl Tour
3/3/2014 Danube Adele Guest Blog Quicksilver Dreams Tour
3/4/2014 Mary Behre Interview Spirited Tour
3/5/2014 Anna Abner Guest Blog Elixir Tour
3/7/2014 Aubrie Dionne Guest Blog Pan’s Conquest Tour
3/10/2014 Ann Gimpel Guest Blog Witch’s Bounty Tour
3/17/2014 Rebekah R. Ganiere Guest Blog Dead Awakenings Tour
3/20/2014 Jamie Wyman Guest Blog Wild Card Tour
3/26/2014 Brandy Nacole Guest Blog Spiritual Discord Series
3/31/2014 Sabrina Benulis Guest Blog Covenant Tour
4/1/2014 Debbie Viguie Interview Circle of Blood Tour
4/2/2014 Alex Hughes Interview Marked Tour
4/7/2014 Jennifer Allis Provost Guest Blog Provost Copper Girl  Tour
4/8/2014 Anne Hope Guest Blog Dark Souls Tour
4/9/2014 Jes Young Guest Blog The Uncovering Tour
4/10/2014 Rainy Kaye Guest Blog Summoned Tour
4/14/2014 Nessie Strange Guest Blog Living Dead Girl Tour
4/15/2014 Angela Dennis Guest Blog Shadows of Fate Tour
4/16/2014 Sharon Lynn Fisher Interview The Ophelia Prophecy Tour

Kate Baray

Guest Blog Lost Library Tour
4/24/2014 Claire Ashgrove Before the Storm Tour
4/28/2014 Marcella Burnard Guest Blog Nightmare Ink Tour
4/29/2014 Ami Blackwelder Guest Blog Century of the Vampires Tour
4/29/2014 K.D. Rose Guest Blog Erasing Shadows Tour
4/30/2014 Lisa Kessler Guest Blog Night Child Tour
5/2/2014 Missy Jane Interview Trusting an Angel Tour
5/5/2014 Marina Myles Guest Blog A Warlock’s Dance Tour
5/8/2014 Tiffany Allee Guest Blog Don't Blackmail the Vampire Tour
5/12/2014 Barb Hendee Interview Witches in Red Tour
5/13/2014 A.G. Liam Interview Dark Incidence Tour
5/15/2014 Mayra Calvani Guest Blog The Luthier’s Apprentice Tour
5/21/2014 Decadent Kane Interview Steel Your Soul Tour
5/23/2014 Brantwijn Serrah Interview Eat Dessert First Tour
5/27/2014 Sarah Beth Durst Guest Blog The Lost Tour
5/28/2014 Kelliea Ashley Interview Spring’s Promise Tour
5/30/2014 R. Ann Siracusa Interview A Timeless Melody Tour
6/4/2014 Ishabelle Torry Interview To Wish Upon a Roman Tour
6/6/2014 Stacey O’Neale Guest Blog The Mortal Enchantment Tour
6/9/2014 Carla Susan Smith Guest Blog A Vampire’s Promise Tour
6/10/2014 Auralee Wallace Guest Blog Sidekick Tour
6/12/2014 Sarah Zettel Interview Bad Luck Girl Tour
6/13/2014 Faberge Nostromo Interview The Song In the Silver Tour

Melissa Delport

Guest Blog The Traveller Tour
6/18/2014 Brantwijn Serrah Guest Blog Multiple Titles
6/20/2014 Margo Bond Collins Guest Blog Legally Undead Tour
6/23/2014 Sarah Daltry Guest Blog Bitter Fruits Tour
6/24/2014 Susannah Sandlin Guest Blog Allegiance Tour
6/25/2014 Wendy Sparrow Guest Blog Past My Defenses Tour
6/26/2014 Katee Robert Guest Blog Queen of Wands Tour
6/27/2014 Wanda Kay Fittro Interview Beyond the Horizon Tour
7/1/2014 Robyn Bachar Guest Blog Poison in the Blood Tour
7/2/2014 Keri Arthur Interview Fireborn Tour
7/3/2014 Kirsten S. Blacketer Interview Author
7/7/2014 Amalia Dillin Guest Blog Taming Fate Tour
7/9/2014 K.E. Shade Interview Author
7/10/2014 Coleen Burright Guest Blog Wonderfully Wicked Tour
7/16/2014 T. Michelle Nelson Guest Blog Death Warmed Over Tour
7/18/2014 Pippa Jay Interview Tethered Tour
7/23/2014 Tessa Gratton Interview The Strange Maid Tour
7/24/2014 Ella Grey Interview Death Witch Tour
7/25/2014 Ryan Attard Guest Blog Birthright Tour
7/28/2014 Becca C. Smith & F.M. Sherrill Interview Black Moon Tour
8/1/2014 Sally Max Interview Lousy Magnet Tour
8/4/2014 Tera Shanley Guest Blog Silver Wolf Clan Tour
8/13/2014 Kimber Leigh Wheaton Guest Blog Tortured Souls Tour
8/15/2014 Torie James Interview Reclaiming the Rabbit Hole Tour
8/18/2014 Shawn Martin Guest Blog Forget Me Not Tour
8/20/2014 Ivy Bateman Interview I’ll Call You Alice Tour
8/22/2014 Sabrina Sumsion Guest Blog Saving the Hero Tour
8/27/2014 Dianne DuvallDianne Duvall Guest Blog Night Unbound Tour
8/28/2014 Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Guest Blog Accidentally…Over? Tour
8/29/2014 Sheritha Singh Interview The Spanish Billionaire’s Baby Promise Tour
9/1/2014 Ann Gimpel Interview Witch’s Bane Tour
9/2/2014 Paul Anthony Shortt Guest Blog Memory War Tour
9/3/2014 Kelliea Ashley Interview Boss’s Orders Tour
9/4/2014 Deborah Blake Interview Wickedly Dangerous Tour
9/5/2014 Molle McGregor Interview Shadow’s Awakening Tour
9/8/2014 Marlene Wynn Guest Blog The Return of the Avatar Queen Tour
9/9/2014 Melinda VanLone Guest Blog Promise of Magic Tour
9/9/2014 Shannon Mayer Interview Wounded Tour
9/12/2014 Ember Leigh Interview Carlos and Casey Tour
9/17/2014 A.J. Llewellyn Interview Ailani: The Last Warriors Tour
9/18/2014 Faith Hunter Interview Broken Soul Tour
9/19/2014 Emily Taylor Guest Blog A Soul To Take Tour
9/23/2014 Mimi Sebastian Interview The Necromancer’s Betrayal Tour
9/24/2014 Larissa Ione Interview Chained By Night Tour
9/25/2014 Mia Epsilon Interview Take a Chance on Me Tour
10/1/2014 Michelle L. JohnsonMichelle L. Johnson Guest Blog Divinity Tour
10/2/2014 Brantwijn Serrah Interview Bad Dreams Tour
10/6/2014 Karen Swart Guest Blog The Kasadya Series Tour
10/8/2014 L.M. Brown Interview Touch of a Ghost Tour
10/9/2014 Christina Henry TBD Black Spring Tour
10/10/2014 Ash Krafton Interview Words That Bind Tour
10/13/2014 Nancy Gideon Interview Remembered By Moonlight Tour
10/15/2014 Michelle Diener Guest Blog The Silver Pear Tour
10/16/2014 Margo Bond Collins Guest Blog Sanguinary Tour
10/17/2014 Torie James Interview Point of No Return Tour
10/20/2014 Karen Greco Interview Tainted Blood Tour
10/22/2014 Jocelynn Drake Guest Blog The Asylum Tales Tour
10/23/2014 Matthew J. Metzger Interview Enough Tour
10/27/2014 Alyxandra Harvey Interview Whisper the Dead Tour
10/28/2014 Juliette Cross Guest Blog Soulfire Tour
10/31/2014 Ishabelle Torry Interview To Have Or To Haunt Tour
11/6/2014 Lisa Casian Interview Blood Bond Tour
11/10/2014 Kathleen Collins Guest Blog Realm Walker Series Tour
11/11/2014 E.J. Stevens Guest Blog Hunting In Bruges Tour
11/12/2014 A.J. Llewellyn Interview Palehua Tour
11/13/2014 Sophie Masson Interview Trinity Tour
11/17/2014 Celia Breslin Guest Blog Destiny Tour
11/18/2014 Mimi Sebastian Guest Blog The Necromancer’s Betrayal Tour
11/21/2014 D.D. Symms Interview In His Sights Tour
11/25/2014 Rose ShababyRose Shababy Interview The Blue Effect Tour
11/26/2014 Carolyn LaRoche Interview Witness Protection Tour
12/1/2014 Regan Summers Guest Blog Falling From the Light Tour
12/2/2014 Lee Roland Guest Blog Casual Curses and Meticulous Magic Tour
12/4/2014 Brantwijn Serrah Interview Angel’s Keeping Tour
12/8/2014 Laury Falter Interview Fallen Tour
12/11/2014 Lauren Dawes Guest Blog Dark Deceit Tour
12/12/2014 Erzabet Bishop Interview Red Dress Tour
12/15/2014 Jacqueline Paige Guest Blog The Witch Within Tour
12/16/2014 Linsey Hall Guest Blog Stolen Fate Tour
12/17/2014 Pamela Daniell Interview Revelations Tour
12/18/2014 Pippa Jay Interview No Angel Tour
12/22/2014 Eden Ashley Interview Banewolf Tour
12/26/2014 Mia Epsilon Interview When You Believe Tour
12/30/2014 H.D. Smith Guest Blot Dark Awakened Tour
Date Guest Post Title
1/11/2013 Tara Maya Guest Blog The Unfinished Song
1/17/2013 Rebecca Maizel Character Interview Stolen Nights Tour
1/21/2013 Linda Roberston Guest Blog Shattered Circle Tour
1/24/2013 Alexa Egan Interview Demon’s Curse Tour
1/28/2013 Marianne Morea Interview Twice Cursed Tour
1/29/2013 Linda Robertson Promo Shattered Circle Tour
2/6/2013 Cat Adams Interview The Eldritch Conspiracy Tour
2/7/2013 Molly Hall Guest Blog Reckoning Tour
2/11/2013 Rod Belcher Interview The Six-Gun Tarot Tour
2/12/2013 Stacey Kennedy Promo The Cat’s Meow Tour
2/14/2013 Piper Maitland Guest Blog Hunting Daylight Tour
2/18/2013 Rebecca Trogner Guest Blog The Last Keepers Daughter Tour
2/20/2013 Patricia Elmer Guest Blog Devil May Care Tour
2/25/2013 Theresa Meyers Guest Blog The Chosen Tour
2/27/2013 Bella Forrest Interview A Shade of Vampire Tour
3/5/2013 Rebecca Hamilton Guest Blog Her Sweetest Downfall Tour
3/6/2013 Evie Manieri Interview Blood’s Pride Tour
3/13/2013 Sarah Gilman Guest Blog Out in Blue Tour
3/14/2013 MaryJanice Davidson Q&A Undead and Underwater Tour
3/18/2013 Holly Hunt Guest Blog Blood Moon Tour
3/19/2013 Jennifer Harlow Guest Blog What’s a Witch to Do? Tour
3/28/2013 Michele Lang Guest Blog Rebel Angels Tour
3/29/2013 Gabrielle Bisset Guest Blog Blood Prophecy Tour
4/2/2013 Jennifer Silverwood Guest blog Silver Hollow Tour
4/3/2013 Rosalie Lario Guest Blog Mark of the Sylph Tour
4/9/2013 Dana Burnett Guest Blog Once Tour
4/19/2013 Amanda Carlson Interview Hot Blooded Tour
4/26/2013 Deanna Chase Guest Blog Influential Magic Tour
4/30/2013 Elaine Calloway Guest Blog Water’s Blood Tour
5/1/2013 Kristin Miller Guest Blog Gone with the Wolf Tour
5/2/2013 Liz Long Guest Blog Witch Heart Tour
5/6/2013 Loretta Nyhan Guest Blog The Witch Collector Tour
5/8/2013 Nola Sarina Interview Gilded Destiny Tour
5/9/2013 Jill Archer Promo Fiery Edge of Steel Tour
5/10/2013 Sandy James Guest Blog The Brazen Amazon Tour
5/13/2013 Gabrielle Bisset Guest Blog Blood Prophecy Tour
5/15/2013 Cassi Carver Guest Blog Dark Flight Tour
5/17/2013 ML Brennan Interview Generation V Tour
5/21/2013 Stacey Thompson Guest Blog Superstition Mountain Tour
5/22/2013 Zoraida Córdova Guest Blog The Savage Blue Tour
5/24/2013 Paul Cornell Interview London Falling Tour
5/27/2013 Marie Treanor Guest Blog Blood Hunters Series
5/28/2013 Nancy Gideon Guest Blog Prince of Shadow Tour
6/17/2013 Suzanne Johnson Guest Blog Sentinels Series
6/19/2013 Jess Haines Guest Blog Forsaken by the Others Tour
6/20/2013 Maggie Berkley Guest Blog Morgan Crowe trilogy Tour
6/21/2013 Shea Berkley Guest Blog The Fallen Prince Tour
6/24/2013 Meredith Allard Guest Blog Her Loving Husband’s Return Tour
6/24/2013 Casey Keen Guest Blog I’ll Be Damned Tour
6/25/2013 Hannah Pole Guest Blog Silence of the Wolves Tour
6/27/2013 Jennifer Harlow Guest Blog Justice Tour
7/1/2013 James Garcia Jr. Guest Blog Seeing Ghosts Tour
7/2/2013 Kiersten Fay Guest Blog Demon Possession Tour
7/8/2013 Jillian Stone Guest Blog The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter Tour
7/11/2013 Lee Roland Interview Vicious Moon Tour
7/15/2013 Stacey Kennedy Guest Blog The Cat’s Meow Tour
7/16/2013 Myra McEntire Promo Infinityglass Tour
7/17/2013 AM Hudson Guest Blog Dark Secrets Tour
7/22/2013 Livia Olteano Guest Blog Gargoyle Addiction Tour
7/23/2013 Philippa Ballantine Guest Blog Harbringer Tour
7/24/2013 Illona Andrews Promo Magic Rising Tour
7/29/2013 Celia Breslin Guest Blog Haven Tour
7/30/2013 Rachel M. Raithby Guest Blog Lexia Tour
8/5/2013 Jacqueline Battisti Guest Blog The Guardian of Basttisti Tour
8/8/2013 Chloe Neill Guest Blog Biting Bad Tour
8/12/2013 Shirin Dubbin Guest Blog To the Fifth Power Tour
8/13/2013 Rachel Caine Interview Terminated Tour
8/14/2013 Kelly Hashway Guest Blog Stalked by Death Tour
8/19/2013 T.F. Walsh Guest Blog Cloaked in Fur Tour
8/20/2013 Jennifer Blackstream Guest Blog Before Midnight Tour
8/23/2013 Loni Lynne Interview Wanted: One Ghost Tour
8/26/2013 Phillipa Bornikova GuestBlog Box Office Poison Tour
8/30/2013 Kendra Leigh Castle Guest Blog The Demon's Desire Tour
9/2/2013 Laura Bickle Guest Blog The Outside Tour
9/4/2013 Elliott James Interview Charming Tour
9/5/2013 Benedict Jacka Interview Chosen Tour
9/9/2013 Isaiyan Morrison Guest Blog Deamhan Tour
9/18/2013 Linda Poitevin Guest Blog Sins of the Lost Tour
9/20/2013 Anton Strout Interview Stonecast Tour
9/23/2013 Kimberly Frost Guest Blog Would-Be Witch Tour
9/25/2013 Emma Jane Halloway Guest Blog The Baskerville Affair Tour
9/26/2013 Amanda Carlson Interview Cold Blooded Tour
10/3/2013 Read Pink Spotlight Read Pink Tour
10/7/2013 Karen Greco Guest Blog Hell’s Belle Tour
10/9/2013 Tracey Martin Interview Wicked Misery Tour
10/10/2013 Keshia Swaim Guest Blog Blood Bound Tour
10/14/2013 Helen Harper Guest Blog Blood Destiny Tour
10/15/2013 Dianne Duvall Guest Blog Darkness Rises Tour
10/16/2013 Margo Bond Collins Guest Blog Waking up Dead Tour
10/22/2013 Marianne Morea Guest Blog Hollow’s End Tour
10/24/2013 Brian Freyermuth Guest Blog Demon Dance Tour
10/29/2013 Kristin Miller Guest Blog Four Weddings and a Werewolf Tour
10/31/2013 Matthew Quinn Martin Interview Nightlife Tour
11/1/2013 Keri Arthur Interview Darkness Splintered Tour
11/4/2013 Lisa Llamrei Guest Blog Reflection of the Gods
11/5/2013 Sonya Clark Guest Blog Trancehack Tour
11/6/2013 J. Joseph Wright Guest Blog Ghost Guard Tour
11/7/2013 Kelly Jensen Guest Blog Less Than Perfect Tour
11/8/2013 Zoe Forward Guest Blog Forgotten in Darkness Tour
11/12/2013 Katie Hayoz Guest Blog Untethered Tour
11/14/2013 Patrick Donovan Guest Blog Demon Jack Tour
11/15/2013 Simon and Schuster Giveaway MetaWars Megawinner Week
11/23/2013 Mia Hoddell Interview Deadly to Promise Blitz
11/26/2013 Lisa Casian TBD Bloodrose Tour
12/3/2013 Rosalie Lario Guest Blog Touch of the Angel Tour
12/4/2013 Kay Fraser Guest Blog Coming Home Tour
12/6/2013 Chloe Neill Promo Kicking It Tour
12/10/2013 Nina Croft Guest Blog Operation Saving Daniel Tour
12/11/2013 Decadent Kane Guest Blog Ribbon of Darkness Tour
12/12/2013 Mary Abshire Guest Blog Immortal Revenge Tour
12/16/2013 Felicia Starr Guest Blog Taken Tour
12/18/2013 Felicity Heaton Interview Kissed By A Dark Prince Tour
12/19/2013 Ivy Bateman Guest Blog Christmas Eve Surprise Tour
12/23/2013 Marina Myles Guest Blog Snow White and the Vampire Tour
12/30/2013 Rebekah Turner Guest Blog Chaos Bound Tour


Date Guest Post Title
1/13/2012 Kira Santo Guest Post Bound Blog Tour
1/16/2012 S.R. Johannes Guest Post Untraceable Blog Tour
1/19/2012 James R. Tuck Interview Blood and Bullets Blog Tour
2/16/2012 Katie Reus TBA Alpha Instinct Blog Tour
2/17/2012 Denise Swank Interview Torn Blog Tour
2/22/2012 Kristen Simmons Guest Blog Article 9 Blog Tour
2/27/2012 Imogen Rose Interview Initiation Tour
2/29/2012 Christina Henry Interview Black Howl Blog Tour
3/7/2012 Karyn Henley Interview Eye of the Sword Tour
3/13/2012 Allison Pang Guest Post A Sliver of Shadow Tour
3/14/2012 Caryn Block Guest Post Alpha’s Mate Tour
3/16/2012 Gina Damico Guest Post Croak Tour
3/19/2012 Deborah Coates Interview Wide Open Tour
3/29/2012 Dakota Banks Interview Deliverance Tour
3/30/2012 Delilah S. Dawson Interview Wicked as They Come Tour
4/9/2012 Linda Poitevin Guest Post Author of the Grigori Series
4/11/2012 Arianna Skye Guest Post Wings of Desire Tour
4/16/2012 Camilla Chafer Guest Post Illicit Magic Tour
4/18/2012 Ada Adams Interview Revamped Tour
4/25/2012 Amanda Carlson Interview Blooded Tour
4/26/2012 Lynda Hilburn TBA The Vampire Shrink Tour
5/7/2012 Quinn Loftis Guest Post Just One Drop Tour
5/8/2012 Sara Grant Guest Post Dark Parties Tour
5/16/2012 Yolanda Sfetsos Guest Post A Patch of Darkness Tour
5/18/2012 Alexa Reed Guest Post Hunting the Shadows Tour
5/21/2012 Tara Hudson Interview Arise Tour
5/22/2012 Jenn Bennett Interview Summoning the Night Tour
5/29/2012 Jaime Rush Guest Blog Darkness Becomes Her Tour
5/31/2012 Lisa Shearin Interview All Spell Breaks Loose Tour
6/1/2012 Jennifer Estep Interview Dark Frost Tour
6/4/2012 Tiffany Allee Guest Blog Succubus Lost Tour
6/7/2012 Tracy Deebs Guest Blog Tempest Unleashed Tour
6/11/2012 Sherry Soul Guest Blog Moonlight Mayhem Tour
6/20/2012 Jamie McDougall Guest Blog Echo Falls Tour
7/2/2012 Jess Haines TBD Stalking the Others Tour
7/9/2012 J.A. Redmerski Guest Blog The Mayfair Moon Tour
7/10/2012 Regan Summers Guest Blog Don’t Bite the Messenger Tour
7/17/2012 L.M. Pruitt Guest Blog Author of the Jude Magdalyn Series
7/18/2012 Jennifer Turner Guest Blog Redemption Tour
7/23/2012 Meredith Allard Guest Blog Her Loving Husbands Curse Tour
7/25/2012 M.M. Shelley Guest Blog Mishap & Retribution Tour
8/1/2012 Nancy Holzner Guest Blog Darklands Tour
8/6/2012 Carrie Vaughn Interview Kitty Steals the Show Tour
8/7/2012 L.J. Kentowski Interview Guardians of Fate Tour
8/13/2012 L.M. Pruitt Guest Post
8/15/2012 Imogen Rose Guest Blog Integration Tour
8/20/2012 Jennifer Wright Guest Blog The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter Tour
8/21/2012 S.J. Drum Guest Blog Surprisingly Supernatural tour
8/24/2012 Jes Young Guest Blog Tab Bennett and the Inbetween Tour
8/27/2012 Britt Bury Interview The Darkest Day Tour
8/29/2012 Taylor Keating Guest Blog Fair Game Tour
9/3/2012 Michelle Monique Guest Blog Cover Artist Tour
9/5/2012 Amanda Carlson TBD Full blooded Tour
9/7/2012 Jennifer Harlow Guest Blog To Catch a Vampire Tour
9/10/2012 Linda Grimes Interview In a Fix Tour
9/11/2012 Amber Lynn Natusch Guest Blog Caged Tour
9/12/2012 Jodi Gehrmand Guest Blog Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft Tour
9/19/2012 Jane Kindred Interview The Midnight Court Tour
9/20/2012 Sarah Beth Durst Interview Vessel Tour
9/27/2012 Alyssa Rose Ivy Guest Blog Flight Tour
9/28/2012 Claire Ashgrove Guest Blog Immortal Guardians Tour
10/1/2012 Jill Archer Guest Blog Dark Light of Day Tour
10/4/2012 Marne Ann Kirk Guest Blog Goddess on the Run Tour
10/5/2012 Rachel Carrington Interview
10/8/2012 Daniel Marks Interview Velveteen Tour
10/12/2012 Zoe Archer Guest Blog Skies of Steel Tour
10/15/2012 Sara Tribble Guest Blog Beyond the Cell Tour
10/18/2012 Allison Pang Guest Blog A Trace of Moonlight Tour
10/22/2012 Jessica Gibson Guest Blog Mark of the Witch Tour
10/26/2012 Samantha Young Guest Blog Fire Spirits Tour
10/31/2012 Sharon Lynn Fisher Guest Blog Ghost Planet Tour
11/1/2012 Regan Summers Guest Blog Running in the Dark Tour
11/8/2012 Krystal Wade Guest Blog Darkness Falls Tour
11/21/2012 Amber Lynn Natusch Guest Blog Tempted by Evil Tour
11/26/2012 Suzanne Johnson Guest Blog River Road Tour
11/28/2012 Kelly Hashway Interview Touch of Death Tour
12/6/2012 Mary Abshire Guest Blog  The Quest Tour
12/7/2012 Jes Young Guest Blog Underneath Tour
12/12/2012 E Van Lowe Interview The Falling Angels Saga Tour
12/14/2012 Keeley Smith Guest Blog Returned Tour
12/17/2012 Jessica McQuay Guest Blog Black Moon Tour
12/20/2012 Diane Thorne Guest Blog Sexy & Damned series
12/24/2012 Christie Palmer Guest Blog Shadow Play Tour


Date Guest Post Title
12/1/2010 Jess Haines Guest blog The H&W Team Talk About Whether They’ve Been Naughty or Nice This Year
12/8/2010 Melanie Nowak Interview Author of Almost Human
1/5/2011 Diana Pharaoh Francis Guest blog Author of Bitter Night and Crimson Wind
3/2/2011 Alayna Williams Guest Blog Rogue Oracle Blog Tour
3/3/2011 Diane Duvall Interview Darkness Dawns Blog Tour
3/9/2011 Robyn Bachar Guest Blog Blood Smoke and Mirrors Blog Tour
3/16/2011 Lee Nichols Interview Author of The Hunting Human Series
3/23/2011 Theresa Meyers Interview The Truth About Vampires Blog Tour
3/30/2011 Vivi Anna Guest Blog Glimmer Blog Tour
4/7/2011 Amanda Alvarez Interview Hunting Human Blog Tour
4/8/2011 Tracey O’Hara Guest Blog Deaths Sweet Embrace Blog Tour
4/13/2011 Deborah Cooke Guest Blog Flying Blind Blog Tour
4/14/2011 Michael J Lee Guest Blog My Frankenstein Blog Tour
4/19/2011 Michael Griffo Character Interview Unnatural Blog Tour
4/27/2011 Chloe Neill Interview Hard Bitten Blog Tour
5/3/2011 Jennifer Estep Guest Blog Tangled Thread Blog Tour
5/5/2011 Jaqueline Paige Guest Blog Twice Cursed Blog Tour
5/7/2011 Tracy Deebs Interview Tempest Rising Blog Tour
5/11/2011 Felicity Heaton Guest Blog Paranormal Romance Author
5/16/2011 Nicole Zoltack Guest Blog Champion of Valor Blog Tour
5/18/2011 John Hartness Interview Hard Day’s Night Blog Tour
6/1/2011 Cyndi Tefft Interview Between Blog Tour
6/13/2011 Erica O’Rourke Interview Torn Blog Tour
6/15/2011 Amelie Howard Guest Blog Bloodspell Blog Tour
6/23/2011 Terry Spear Interview Heart of the Highland Wolf Blog Tour
6/29/2011 Jeannie Holmes GB & Interview Blood Secrets Blog Tour
6/30/2011 Kasey Mackenzie Interview Green-Eyed Envy Blog Tour
7/1/2011 Karyn Henley Guest Blog Breath of Angel Blog Tour
7/6/2011 Stacey Thompson-Geer Guest Blog Dark Magick:The Gatekeepers Series Blog Tour
7/7/2011 Sherry Soule Guest Blog Beautifully Broken Blog Tour
7/13/2011 Jenn Bennett Interview Kindling the Moon Blog Tour
7/16/2011 Lisa Darling Interview The Heart of War Blog Tour
7/20/2011 Sophie Littlefield Interview Rebirth Blog Tour
7/22/2011 S.M. Reine Guest Blog Six Moon Summer Blog Tour
7/23/2011 Patricia Eimer Interview Luck of the Devil Blog Tour
7/25/2011 Rosalie Lario Interview Blood of the Demon Blog Tour
7/26/2011 Jennifer Estep Guest Blog Touch of Frost Blog Tour
7/28/2011 Jon Skovron Interview Misfit Blog Tour
Heather Terrell
Guest Blog Eternity Blog Tour
8/1/2011 Devyn Quinn Interview Darkness Descending
8/2/2011 Michelle Rowen Interview Bloodlust Blog Tour
8/3/2011 Kelly Meding Guest blog Another Kind of Dead Blog Tour
8/8/2011 Christina Henry Interview Black Night Blog Tour
8/11/2011 Mari Mancusi Interview Blood Ties Blog Tour
8/22/2011 Darynda Jones Guest Blog Second Grave on the Left Blog Tour
8/23/2011 Jana Oliver Guest Blog Soul Thief Blog Tour
8/24/2011 Anthony Francis Interview Blood Rock Blog Tour
8/26/2011 Nancy Holder Interview Damned Blog Tour
8/29/2011 Karen Kincy Guest Blog Bloodborn Blog Tour
8/30/2011 Maria Lima Interview Blood Sacrifice Blog Tour
8/31/2011 Jeaniene Frost Interview One Grave at a Time Blog Tour
9/3/2011 Cherie Priest Interview Hellbent Blog Tour
9/6/2011 Sarah Beth Durst Interview Drink, Slay, Love Blog Tour
9/9/2011 Nichole Chase Guest Blog Mortal Obligations Blog Tour
9/13/2011 Amber Argyle Interview Witch Song Blog Tour
9/15/2011 Meredith Allard Guest Blog Her Dear and Loving Husband Blog Tour
9/22/2011 Scott Tracey Guest Blog Witch Eyes Blog Tour
9/23/2011 Katie Salidas Interview Author of the Immortalis series
9/28/2011 Jennifer Estep Guest Blog Spiders Revenge Blog Tour
9/29/2011 Nancy Holzner Guest Blog Bloodstone Blog tour
9/30/2011 Trinity Faegen Interview The Mephisto Covenant Blog Tour
10/11/2011 Michael Griffo Interview Unwelcome Blog Tour
10/13/2011 Karen Michelle Nutt Guest Blog Love’s Eternal Embrace promotion
10/17/2011 Jennifer Harlow Guest Blog Mind Over Monsters Blog Tour
10/19/2011 Kersten Hamilton Interview Tyger Tyger Promotional Tour
10/20/2011 Marie Treanor Guest Blog Blood Eternal Blog Tour
10/24/2011 S.J. Davis Guest Blog Inked Blog Tour
10/26/2011 Stephanie Nelson Guest Blog Craved Blog Tour
10/27/2011 S.M. Reine Interview Death’s Hand Blog Tour
10/28/2011 Ami Blackwelder Guest Blog Author of The Mers and The Invasion of 2020
11/1/2011 Lorelei Bell Interview Author of Vampire Ascending
11/7/2011 PA Lupton Interview Author of Bound By Blood
11/9/2011 Sable Grace Guest Blog Before the Fall novella tour
11/17/2011 Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie Promo Post Unleashed Blog Tour
11/25/2011 Piper Maitland Guest Post Acquainted with the Night Blog Tour
11/28/2011 Marjorie Liu Interview Within the Flames Blog Tour
11/30/2011 Jennifer Estep Interview Kiss of Frost Blog Tour
12/1/2011 Shayne Leighton Interview Of Light and Darkness Blog Tour
12/2/2011 Lee Nichols Guest blog Surrender Blog Tour
12/5/2011 Jane Kindred Guest Blog The Fallen Queen Blog Tour
12/8/2011 Michelle Madow Guest Blog Remembrance Blog Tour
Delayed/TBD Mary Lindsey Guest Blog Shattered Souls Blog Tour
12/12/2011 Jaime Reed Guest Blog Living Violet Blog Tour
12/14/2011 Sharde Richardson Interview Watched blog tour
12/16/2011 Misty Evans Interview Author of Revenge is Sweet
12/19/2011 Rachel Firasek Promo Blog The Last Awakening blog Tour
12/28/2011 Janet lee Carey Guest Blog Dragonswood Blog Tour
12/30/2011 Quinn Loftis Guest Blog Blood Rites Blog Tour