Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: Framed by Amber Lynn Natusch

Author: Amber Lynn Natusch
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Caged Book #3
ISBN:  0765328089
ISBN13: 9780765328083
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: Author

He left without pause – without looking back. The single connection to normality I had was driving back to Boston, to a life interrupted by the knowledge that legends and lore may not be just that, and left to contemplate what other monsters may be in existence beyond what he’d witnessed that night. I was left to acknowledge that my friend was gone, my partner was lost, and yet another person’s life was damaged because of knowing me.

Maybe a cage was exactly where I belonged.

The deaths of three PC brothers have yet to be solved, and Ruby once again finds her head sitting squarely on the chopping block. To make matters worse, a revenge-crazed werewolf keeps hijacking her mind, replaying all the details of his gruesome attacks.

As she struggles to navigate her way through this life of supernatural violence, Ruby realizes that the dreams of normal women her age may never become her reality. No white dress. No family of her own. She fears that everything and everyone she knows is in danger — and it’s all because of her. When she finally accepts those fears as fact, Ruby takes drastic measures to ensure the safety of those she loves most…

Even if it means forfeiting her own.

 FRAMED brought out a lot of emotions and development of pretty much every character in the series. Ruby and Scarlet are at the most connected they have been and it makes for some very interesting inner conversations. The love triangle that I have felt was going to develop has finally come into play and I could not be happier with where it is going.  I'm going to do something a bit different then usual as there is a high risk of giving away spoilers. So instead of my normal reviews I will leave you with some of my thoughts while going through FRAMED

Wow that was rough....Hallway Scene, HOT Enough said......AWWW MAN......Ohh Cooper how I love you....I think we need to have someone shoot Ronnie in the ass...Sophie must die!!!......DO IT ALREADY!!....*cry*........Oh Matty how could you? I thought better of you. .....Cooper Swoooooon....Wow I did not see that coming...Sean, was that really necessary? Could you be more of an ass?...........That wont end well.........Rev dude, you are beyond creepy.........Death to Sophie!!.........Your finally alone with him and your going to LEAVE? Yeah that's probably for the best.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series so far, the world building and storyline have a way with drawing you in and holding you hostage. I read books 1 through 3 back to back and the series ruined me for any other books for 24 hours!! Bring on SCARRED.

I gave it 4/5 stars