Thursday, December 26, 2019

DNF's of 2019

I really hate to give up on books so it isn't often that I mark a book as Did Not Finish (aka DNF). I only marked 2 books as DNF in 2019 and here is why.

I didn't even get through two chapters of REIGN OF DRAGONS. I just couldn't get into the story or the main character enough to continue reading.

I actually liked the start of RUBY FORTRESS, but as soon as Ellana made it to Oz, it lost me. The story started to feel scripted to me and Ellana kept mentioning her career choice at weird moments when it really didn't matter.

I didn't realize HALF-BLOOD was a spin-off when I started reading it. It didn't seem like I would need to know the backstory, but I quickly realized that I was kinda lost without it. I also found the main character a bit annoying with her constant fangirl-ing over just about everyone she met. It felt really immature and turned me off to the overall story.