Monday, December 12, 2011

Interview: Jaime Reed

UFI welcomes Jaime Reed Author of Living Violet. Thanks for Joining us!!
What I wanted to know....
Top 10 things nobody would guess about you

1. I’m double jointed on my middle finger. It’s quite amusing when I flick people off.

2. I can belly dance.

3. I can recite Hamlet’s monologue.

4. I have an unhealthy obsession with orange soda.

5. I can’t stand fried chicken.

6. I have 4 half siblings and no wholes.

7. I still listen to 80’s and 90’s music.

8. I don’t have any children. (Yes, people are shocked when I tell them this.)

9. I once stalked Winona Ryder on a movie set in NYC, and by doing so I met Adam Sandler.

10. I have two middle names.

Find Jaime and her books

Living Violet
The Cambion Chronicles
December 27, 2011
He's persuasive, charming, and way too mysterious. And for Samara Marshall, her co-worker is everything she wants most--and everything she most fears. . .

Samara Marshall is determined to make the summer before her senior year the best ever. Her plan: enjoy downtime with friends and work to save up cash for her dream car. Summer romance is not on her to-do list, but uncovering the truth about her flirtatious co-worker, Caleb Baker, is. From the peculiar glow to his eyes to the unfortunate events that befall the girls who pine after him, Samara is the only one to sense danger behind his smile.

But Caleb's secrets are drawing Samara into a world where the laws of attraction are a means of survival. And as a sinister power closes in on those she loves, Samara must take a risk that will change her life forever. . .or consume it