Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review: In the Company of Wolves by Paige Tyler

In the Company of Wolves
Author: Paige Tyler
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN:  149260853X
ISBN13: 9781492608530
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Review Copy Source: NetGalley
He opened his mouth to order her to drop the MP5 she had aimed at him, but nothing would come out. It was like she’d robbed him of the ability to speak. Shooting her wasn’t an option, though. And the idea of arresting her didn’t make him feel any better.

There's a new gang of criminals in town who are organized and ruthless in the extreme. When Eric Becker, along with the rest of the Dallas SWAT team, ends up in the middle of a shootout, he immediately senses werewolves-a lot of them. Turns out, the new bad guys are a pack of wolf shifters.

In a spray of gunfire, Becker comes face-to-face with the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen. Becker does the logical thing. He hides her and leaves the scene with the rest of his team.

Jayna Winston has no idea why that SWAT guy helped her, but she's glad he did. Ever since she and her pack mates got mixed up with those Eastern European mobsters, everything had pretty much fallen apart.

So what's a street-savvy thief like Jayna going to do with a hot alpha-male wolf who's a police officer?

IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES was fast-paced, packed with action, full of danger and had plenty of romance to round it all out.

Jayna's pack has been roped into their alpha's debt and to pay it off they have to become criminals and they don't see a way out. I found Jayna to be extremely loyal and protective to her pack, pretty strong in her beliefs and able to hold her own in the face of danger. Eric and the rest of the SWAT team are there to catch the new gang of criminals in action, but he can't make himself bust the beautiful woman that's in front of him, so instead he hides her. He can't get her out of his mind and he is positive she can't be the criminal he things she is. I loved how loyal he was to her and her pack, but I think he should have asked for more help from the rest of HIS pack.

Jayna and Eric ended up making it to the top of my SWAT couple list by the end of IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES. They both complimented each other really well and although they had an instant connection, I felt that they did a really good job of building off of it and getting to know each other before they fell into bed together. All the danger involved in them sneaking around was super fun too.

I enjoyed learning about the new werewolves in IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES. The new shifter ranks (is that he right word?) really helped to build the world better. I really enjoyed the plot, but I do have one complaint. I really miss having the rest of the SWAT team present. Watching them work together is one of the great things about this series. Hopefully book four will have them all back together for a good chunk of the book to make up for it. Which sexy alpha will be featured next?

I gave it 4/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.