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Promo: Crisis Alert by Mary Abshire

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Crisis Alert
Divine Justice #3
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Demons are growing in mass numbers and destroying vampires, mankind's protectors. To stop an outbreak of demons, the best field agents from the Divine Syndicate and Union of Justice must work together.

Anna and Zale hit the streets of Indianapolis to locate the demon masters and end the bloodshed. Although Zale holds biases against vampires, he's impressed by Anna's strong morals and commitment to saving the human race. He's drawn to her in a way he's never felt before. The need to protect her thrives deep in his soul. Anna can't deny her attraction to Zale. Captivated by the werewolf's nobility and compassion, she considers giving in to her heart's desire. But preventing an outbreak must come first.

Anna and Zale's struggles increase when the vampire leaders demand deadlines for exorcising the masters and reducing the demon population. Vampires are outraged over the increased destruction of their kind and want revenge. But killing humans is a crime. The UoJ will have to cease helping the DS to serve justice on those who break the law.

In a race against time, Anna and Zale must find the masters to avoid more carnage and the damnation of humanity. Their devotion to their mission and each other prevails as they encounter dire circumstances. But can they stop evil from ruling the Earth?

Excerpt #2:

Hot and wet from his shift, Zale pushed his wet hair back. He felt much better now, stronger and full of energy. The pain in his hip had disappeared. The wound had healed and left behind a small pink scar. Anna had done a good job of extracting the bullet.
He brought his gaze to her. Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she stared at his naked body. Surely she'd seen plenty of men before.
She blinked and lowered her gaze away from him. "I'm so sorry."
He stepped toward her. "Told you, I have nothing to hide." He stopped in front of her and lifted her chin.
Dark circles had formed under her eyes. They hadn't been there earlier. Her skin seemed whiter and tighter around her cheekbones. The aroma of her blood filled his nose.
"I'm so embarrassed. It's just… Well, I've never seen a werewolf change before. And you have such a solid...body." Cheeks turning a light shade of pink, she pressed her lips together and looked away from him.
Her compliment revved his heart. From the way she blushed, he suspected she enjoyed his package.
"It's your turn to strip now," he said.
She veered her gaze back at him. "What?"
"Take off your clothes."
She lifted her palm up. "I don't think so. In fact, you should put yours on."
He couldn't help but grin. "You have bullets in you. I can take them out."
"I have nurses who can help me."
"Not the way I can." He curled his lips on one side.
She gaped at him. "I'm sure you can, but this isn't the time. The bullets—"
"Need to come out. I can do it. I have experience."
"How is it you've never been shot but you can remove bullets?" she crossed her arms.
"I helped a few buddies over the years. It's not unusual for us to get shot at least once every fifty or so years from hunters. I've just been lucky so far. Now, let's stop wasting time. I can help you." He took hold of the sides of her shirt and lifted.
She abruptly stopped him. "I can undress myself, thank you." She stepped back from him.
When she didn't remove her top, he said, "You have nothing to be bashful about. I've seen plenty of women naked."
"I'm not bashful."
"Then take off your clothes."
"I have nurses who can tend to my wounds."
"What are you afraid of?" He stepped closer to her.
"Then take off your clothes and let me help you. The longer you wait, the more blood you lose."


Mary is a romantic at heart and a lifetime lover of the paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. When she's not working or binge watching television, she enjoys creating fantastical stories with vampires, demons, werewolves, angels, and/or other supernatural creatures. She often adds mystery and suspense to spice up her books. For the most part, she lives a quiet life in Indianapolis. She aspires to become a full time writer one day. She also hopes to meet a vampire, werewolf, or angel who will sweep her off her feet. Hey, a girl can dream. And Mary does.

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