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Review: Girl Found by Lisa Hall

Girl Found
Author:Lisa Hall
Release Date: November  2010
Publisher:  Self Published
Syndicate Stories Book #1
ISBN13: 9781456354602
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Review Copy Source: Author for review

Ellen Morris, she plans to finish college before starting a career as a chef. Until the National Bureau of Investigation picks her up off the street outside her house. Agents Jones turns everything in her life upside down. Ellen no longer has a life, only a past she knows nothing about.

The new colonies are being expanded every day. Those that can have found a new life off-planet. Nick's not waiting for a ride - he's building his own future right here. The Avenues of New Chicago are transforming Earth into a hedonistic getaway spot, and making Nick rich in the process. With the government weakening and his rivals falling into chaos, it’s a matter of time before he controls New Chicago. Everything is working to plan.

Until a rival's secretary drops a file on his desk…the heiress. Twenty years ago the heirs to Morelli house and Agostino house married. A year later they died, a hit rumored to be from inside one of the houses. Their daughter died with them. That's what everyone believed. Now Nick was looking at evidence that wasn't true. Was the file real, or bait?

If the girl, now a young woman, was rule of blood she controlled two Syndicate house seats. A lot of people would be very unhappy.

The rule of blood. Live by it or die for it. Time to make a choice.

In the first half of the book the situations were a little jumpy going from one to another, there were a lot of names of people thrown into the mix all at once and it was a bit confusing trying to remember everyone and who exactly they were related to or what there role was. I enjoyed Arianna the only issue I had was that sometimes I found myself forgetting how old she was because she came off younger than she was with the way she acted, Of course going farther into the book she grew quite a bit as the situations changed and she had to stick up for herself and what she wanted. The world Lisa has created for the future was easy to believe and easy to get into. The emotions of the characters were conveyed well and I found myself being mad, glad, sad right along with the characters. I genuinely hope that Lisa decides to continue her stories of the Syndicate and that they continue to follow Ellen aka Arianna as the main character as I'm defiantly intrigued enough to keep reading.

I gave it a 3/5

You can get an ebook copy through your Nook or Kindle as well as a hard copy through CreateSpace

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