Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire

Late Eclipses
Author:Seanan McGuire
Release Date: March 1, 2011
Publisher: Daw Books
October Daye Book #4
ISBN:  0756406668
ISBN13: 9780756406660
Genre: Urban Fantasy


With Blind Michael and his Hunt safely behind her, October "Toby" Daye is doing her best to settle back into a normal routine—or as normal of a routine as she can manage, with her personal Fetch now paying half the rent. Still, things seem to be mostly under control...until the events of a single night send everything reeling. Now, with the Queen of the Mists watching her back and the Lady of the Tea Gardens deathly ill, Toby has no choice but to get involved, no matter how much she wants to avoid it.

The trials ahead will be some of the worst faced by Toby and her strange band of allies, and not even Tybalt will be able to escape totally unscathed. What's worse, the Luidaeg is unavailable to help them. This time, they're on their own. And people keep making Toby wear dresses, which is just adding insult to dangerous injury...

Im going to start out saying that I want Tybalt and October to just get together already. The tension is getting ridiculous and I'm 100% team Tybalt over Connor.  I love the world that Seanan has created, it is full of a wonderful cast of people and places and all of her books have kept me wanting to read what she has to say. There are a lot of questions answered in LATE ECLIPSES, as well as the start, ending and clarification of events, relationships, and heritage. *cough cough go away Connor cough cough*  Some friends are lost which was sad but it went with the book and didn't seem to pull it down any. Book 4 continues to have wonderful world building and original concepts. If you have enjoyed October Daye in the past you will want to continue to read her now and in the future.

I gave it 4/5 stars


  1. YES! I am Team Tybalt too!! I have the badge made to prove it LOL I made one for The other team too just to be fair... but Tybalt rocks!!


    I LOVE this series! Great review Stacy!

  2. Late Eclipses is the fourth book in the October Daye series that takes you on a non-stop, action packed and emotional ride from page one. Toby ( aka October) has finally found a balanced and safe point in her life after her horrific and soul breaking encounter with Blind Michael in An Artificial Night. But poor Toby, life can never stay simple. She gets word that her dear friend Lily,the Lady of the Tea Gardens, has fallen gravely ill. When all signs point to Lily being poisoned, Toby quickly jumps on the case. However with others falling ill, The Queen coming after her with a malicious vendetta, along with her live in fetch as constant reminder of her imminent death, and finally Toby being haunted by an evil in her past that makes her question her own sanity, will she find out who is behind it all? Or will other obstacles keep her from helping those she loves?


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