Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reviewer Wanted: St. Martins Moon by Marc Vun Kannon

St. Martins Moon
Author:Marc Vun Kannon
Release Date: May 2011
Publisher: Echelon Press
ISBN:  1590806840
ISBN13: 9781590806845
Genre: Futuristic Paranormal werewolf w/romance
Review Copy Source: From Author for Review 

The Moon is haunted...

Joseph Marquand didn't want to go back, he really didn't, but duty called and curiosity beckoned, and besides, it's not like his nights could get any worse.  A werewolf attack on the Moon itself was something of a novelty, especially for Earth's greatest werewolf hunter, and if he could lay a few of his own unquiet ghosts to rest at the same time...Well, one ghost.  Cynthia's ghost.  The reason he'd quit space.
The people of Coventry Base definitely didn't want him there.  Except for Candace, who was definitely in the minority.  They'd found shelter there for a reason, and they were more afraid of the werewolf hunter than they would ever be of a werewolf.
Then the nightmares began, and the wolves of Coventry Base found that they were haunted by far more than just their curse.  They were being haunted by Marquand's curse as well.  The werewolf hunter had become the werewolves' only hope for salvation, but Marquand's only hope for salvation was in one woman with no hope, and another who didn't even know she existed.

…but the werewolves don't know that!

SO I'm looking for a guest reviewer to read and review it this book for me. Here is how it will work.

*I will send my copy of ST. MARTINS MOON (PDF copy) to you through email.
*You will be expected to review it within 3 weeks of receiving it.
*You will send me your review and I will post it as a guest review giving you full credit on my blog. You are also welcome to post it on your blog if you have one.
*Having your own blog is not required.

If you would like to be considered to review ST. MARTINS MOON by Marc Vun Kannon please leave a comment on THIS post including the following information.

1. Why do you want to review this book?
2. Do you post reviews online anywhere? e.x. Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything Barnes & Noble, Borders etc. (Not required but would like to know)
3. Will you be able to review it within 3 weekw of receiving it?
4. What is your email address so I can contact contact you?


  1. 1. I absolutely love werewolf stories
    2. Goodreads
    3. For sure

  2. 1. I have read book about werewolf before and I am addicted to it
    2. I can post it at Goodreads, LibraryThing, Barnes and Nobel, My Own Blog (
    3. I will
    4. at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the chance


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