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Review: Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis

Blood Rites
Author:Quinn Loftis
Release Date: November 19, 2011
The Grey Wolves Book #2
Genre:Paranormal YA Romance
Review Copy Source: Author

With the challenge complete and the corrupt Alpha of Coldspring defeated Fane is now free to complete the mate bond with Jacque and perform the Blood Rites. Although the challenge is done, the affects are far reaching. Once it is known that Vasile, one of the strongest Alphas in the world is in America, specifically Coldspring, TX, there is one Alpha who cannot over look the significance of this. An Alpha who happens to share Jacque's DNA, but is this the one she needs to fear?

With her mom driving and her two best friends, Jen and Sally in tow, Jacque sets off for her happily ever after. She will soon realize a plan has been put in motion that will change her course and possibly tear her from Fane's grasp forever. It will take a wolf pack, her mother's love, her two best friend's unrelenting determination, her own will to survive and the undying love of her mate to bring her home. The question remains, if she fights, if she endures, who will she be, what will be left once she is back in her mates arms?
I wish I would have known that BLOOD RITES was book 2 before I read it. There were some parts that I was scratching my head wondering what they were talking about or or wishing I had some back story to go with some information and now I'm sure it was all in book 1 but alas I started reading book 2 with no background. While you can definitely enjoy BLOOD RITES without it I would probably read book 1 if you have the chance. (ha who am I to talk, I still didn't go back and read book 1 after I found out about it lol)

I was a little skeptical on whether or not I would enjoy BLOOD RITES going in to it. I wasn't crazy about the cover and I didn't know there was a book 1 so the blurb didn't really grab at me, but I'm glad I decided to give it a chance. Quinn's writing style flowed nicely, was easy to follow, and was easy to get into. Even though her characters were young and being mated everything was well explained at a Young Adult level while still being filled with romance and sticky situations. Fane and Jacque fit well together and were easy to like. I loved all the secondary characters. Jacque's best friends provided plenty of humor and support, while the little side love hate relationship between Jen and Decebel did a fantastic job of leading us to what will happen in book 3. All of the events of BLOOD RITES flowed nicely. There was plenty of conflict, heartache, action and werewolf politics to keep me on my toes as well as plenty of connection, romance and little things that made my heart melt.

Like I said before, I really wish I would have known about book 1, I'm not sure how I missed and and would have loved the back story but I still really enjoyed BLOOD RITES and would recommend it to all young adult werewolves book lovers.

I gave it 3.5/5 stars

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