Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week in Review: 6/2-6/8

Books Ive Bought/received

* Don't Bite the Bridesmaid by Tiffany Allee- Ecopy-Publisher

* Viral Nation by Shaunta Grimes- Publisher

* The Night Beat by Gini Koch- ecopy- Author

Books I Read

Fiery Edge of Steel by Jill Archer
Viral Nation by Shaunta Grimes

Reviews Posted

Shapeshifted by Cassie Alexander
Pods by Michelle K. Pickett
Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead


* New Releases for the week. Was there anything you were looking forward to reading?

* Thursday I posted a giveaway for the Noon Onyx series by Jill Archer.

*Friday was a promotional post for Vampire Elite; Prophecy by Irina Argo

 * I love comments so if you see something you like (or not) please comment away and let me know.

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