Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week in Review: 8/11-8/17

Books Ive Bought/received

* Darkness Rises by Dianne Duvall- eARC- Netgalley

Books I Read

Box Office Poison by Phillipa Bornikova
Requim For the Dead by Kelly Meding
Darkness Rises by Dianne Duvall
Reign of Blood by Alexia Purdy

Reviews Posted

Elysian Fields by Suzanne Johnson
Box Office Poison by Phillipa Bornikova


* New Releases for the week. Was there anything you were looking forward to reading?

* Monday- Guest Blog and Giveaway for To The Fifth Power by Shirin Dubbin

* Tuesday- Interview with Rachel Caine in promotion for her new release Terminated.

* Wednesday - Guest Post and Giveaway for Stalked by Death by Kelly Hashway

* Friday- A Giveaway for Box Office Poison by Phillipa Bornikova was posted.

 * I love comments so if you see something you like (or not) please comment away and let me know.

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