Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Need Your Feedback and Help!!

Alright, I am thinking of taking the plunge and switching UFI from Blogger to Word Press but I need your help. Word Press doesn't appear to support Google Friend Connect and most of my blog followers follow that way. Would you be willing to follow other ways? 
Here is a list of other ways you can follow UFI on the web. If you love this site please consider taking the time and clicking on them and let me know how you feel about UFI moving to Word Press.

You can also add me (as in Stacy, not UFI lol) to your friends on these sites if you're on them.


  1. I already follow a blog (although not a daily one) on Word Press so it works OK for me.

  2. You can also give your follows the email follow option over at WP too. And don't forget to fix your FeedBurner when you move so that your email followers you already will not loose new posts after you move.

  3. I followed Bloglovin, email, G+, FB, and Goodreads - I am a general UFI stalker :) I wish you the best with decision and smooth moving.


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