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Review: The Dragon Conspiracy by Lisa Shearin

The Dragon Conspiracy
Release Date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: Ace
SPI Files Book #2
ISBN:  0425266923
ISBN13: 9780425266922
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Source: Publisher
After solving The Grendel Affair, the agents have another SPI File to investigate...

We’re Supernatural Protection & Investigations, known as SPI. We battle the real monsters of myth and legend, but this Halloween, we’re searching for diamonds…

A gala opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has attracted the upper crust of Manhattan—and thieves. A trio of vile harpies attacks the crowd and steals the stars of the exhibition: a colorful cluster of seven cursed diamonds known as the Dragon Eggs.
In the right mage’s hands, each stone can pack a magical wallop. Together they have the power to “cure” the supernaturals of the tristate area—but for many of those vampires and werewolves, that means turning into dust.

I’m Makenna Fraser, a seer for SPI. With the help of my partner, Ian, and the other agents, I have twenty-four hours to prevent total global panic, find the diamonds, and save the supernatural community. No biggie...

THE DRAGON CONSPIRACY continues the action, investigating and adventure that started with THE GRENDEL AFFAIR. I think you would benefit from starting with book 1 so that you can learn the characters and world of the SPI Files series.

I really like Mac, she isn't a tough girl, but she wants to be and is working hard to prove to her partner that she can be. I like how she fights for what she wants and doesn't give up just because something is hard. I was a little surprised by the love interest of book 2. I could have sworn I saw something sparking between Mac and Ian. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like the other guy, I just felt like I missed something which I might have. This is an Urban Fantasy so there really isn't any romance, but it seems like there might be in the next book. I like romance so I'm excited.

One of my favorite parts of this series is the supporting characters. We learn a little more about them in each book and they all add something 'more' to the story. One thing that kind of bothered me about THE DRAGON CONSPIRACY, or I should say writing, is that I sometimes couldn't tell who was talking. I had to go back more than a few times to re-read a few sentences because I thought someone else was talking when in reality it might have been Mac or vice versa. It was confusing. The story had a nice pace to it, and I was never able to guess what was really happening until it was revealed, I like a good reveal and I got that. Shearin does a good job of throwing in twists and turns when you least expect it. I will definitely continue reading with book 3.

I gave it 4/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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