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Review: Dragons Will Fall by Susan Scott

Dragons Will Fall
Author: Susan Scott
Release Date: September 14, 2015
Publisher: Zannadu, LLC
Kingdom Come Book #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Review Copy Source: Author
An outcast magician with lousy control...

Kas is a half-light with the “gift” of invisibility and healing, but her sometimes deadly magic makes her distrusted by her own people. In an effort to prove her worth and save her people from execution, she infiltrates an enemy castle on a spy mission, but is kidnapped by a powerful intruder. When her only friend is taken hostage as well, Kas has no choice but to embrace her volatile magic and turn to her captor for help.

A dragon-shifter king with an island in revolt...

Cullen is the most powerful dragon of his generation, but strength and cunning won’t stop the mysterious scourge killing his kinsmen. After he steals Kas away to heal them, he’s incensed to find her magic is uncontrollable. Despite her unpredictable powers and non-existent fighting skills, he soon becomes convinced she holds the key to saving the dying dragon race. He’s willing to do anything to gain her cooperation. Even if it means breaking all taboos and seducing the crafty little magician.

With a kingdom of enemies after them both, Kas and Cullen must learn to trust each other before their kingdoms are rendered extinct.

I wasn't quite sure how much I would like DRAGONS WILL FALL during the first couple of pages, but the book picked up nicely and the characters quickly start grabbing your attention.

In DRAGONS WILL FALL we meet Kasima, a half-light. She and the other half-lights are in hiding from those that wish to harm them, but she is currently using her gift of invisibility to spy in the castle because someone has infiltrated their camp and is putting them in even more danger. I won't go much more into the plot of the book, but she ends up meeting Cullen in the castle and finds out that Cullen is looking for her, but she isn't willing to tell him that she is who he is looking for and she refuses to take him to the half-light camp like he demands. The Dragons are dying and he is desperate to find Kasima in hopes that she can heal them. We find out very early on that Kas also has the gift of healing, but she is scared of her power because it has killed in the past and she doesn't have control of it. She goes through quite a bit in DRAGONS WILL FALL to try and get her powers under control so she can help cure the dragons of the illness that is killing them.

I found Kas to be very determined, a bit stubborn and willing to do just about anything to get the job done. She has a really hard time trusting people, but is very loyal once she does. Cullen came off as very hard in the beginning, but we quickly get to know how much he cares for his people. Cullen and Kas's romantic relationship was slow going, but kinda exploded when they finally gave into each other. The other dragons definitely don't approve of their relationship and I really loved how Cullen could care less about what they thought.

I had fun learning about and exploring the new world that Ms. Scott created in her new Kingdom Come series. The whole story flowed well and the characters were all very likable (or extremely unlikable where required lol). I enjoyed the way that Kas and Cullen worked together to defeat the dragon's foe and although I am a bit hesitant, because she seems a bit shady at the moment, I am excited to see what happens with Muriel in her book, which I am thinking will be next.

I gave it 4/5 stars

* This book was provided free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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